Pinkus Hefe-Weizen

Pinkus Hefe-weizen 5.1% ABVPinkus Hefeweizen

Hefeweizen Week – Post III

Up until this week, there had only been one Hefeweizen I had truly enjoyed.  I thought it only fitting to wrap up this theme week with that particular brew.  With great anticipation, I take a drink and start my review.  Right from the start it has a crisp refreshing taste.  Present is the citrusy flavor that is common with this style, but with an uncommonly perfect balance.  The middle of the beer flows into a pleasing finish with a hint of spice, which wonderfully leads you to your next sip.  It is a nice light beer, not filling at all and perfect for a warm spring or hot summer day.  I can’t wait to enjoy one of these in the middle of July or August after being outside in 90 degree temperatures.  Walking inside a cool air conditioned house, cracking open the bottle and pouring it into an ideal Hefeweizen glass. Letting the crisp flavor wash over my palate and the refreshing brew slide down into my belly and cool me from the inside out.

An all together interesting fact is the Certified USDA Organic status of every bottle of this beer, coming to us from the world’s first organic brewery, as it says right on the label.  Since its origins back in 1816 this is the only brewery in Munster to survive until today.  The ability of this brewery to make an organic product that has consistent quality from bottle to bottle and from batch to batch is quite an achievement.  As with most organic beers or other organic products it can be an almost impossible task to keep up uniformity.  I will now pause from typing as I still have 85 percent of my beer left.  I will get back to you all in just a moment, after I savor a few hearty draughts.

And I’m back.  This beer’s flavor consistency is astounding.  There is no mellowing or lessening of taste.  Each sip is as good, if not better than the last.  The citrusy taste is that of the lemon family, making me regret not following the recommendation of garnishing the glass with a thin slice of lemon.  I must remember to garnish appropriately next time as it is the only possible way to improve upon this wonderful beer experience.  The beer though slightly cloudy is not opaque and seems to take on the color of the light to which it is held up to.  More orange when held to the my ceiling light, more clear to yellow when held up to the light of my computer monitor and an almost light brown when held up to the window of the dark night outside.

I now have a deep desire to share a couple of these 500ml bottles with some of my good friends in Texas, who are big Hefeweizen fans.  I hope for their sakes that this splendiferous beer is available in my home state.  I have rather enjoyed this week’s journey of palate enrichment into previously hated territory and hopefully it has been fun for you to read about.  Though I had to be harassed, hounded and bribed into trying these brews, I have come out the other side with a grand appreciation for this beer style, Hefeweizen.

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