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Greenbush Brewing Co.

Hefeweizen Week – Post II

A cloudy swirl of changing hues; this label is the most accurate artwork of what the poured beer looks like in a glass that I’ve ever seen. With my first taste I’m thoroughly impressed.  This is definitely the most unique Hefeweizen I’ve ever had.  It has a nice spicy bite to it and an overall flavor different from any beer, Hefeweizen or otherwise, that I’ve come across.  The strongly yeasty flavor that I associate with Hefeweizens is barely perceptible.  Wow, this is a very interesting and enjoyable brew.  My assumption is that the Saaz hops are providing the exhilarating kick to the palate.   The one of a kind bite eases up in the finish where I notice the smallest hint of malty sweetness.

Its unique color does not diminish at all as you make your way through the glass.  As with my last review, I was given this beer in an ardent attempt to change my mind on Hefeweizens.  Those efforts appear to be working.  This beer was impressive from beginning to end.  I can no longer say that I hate Hefeweizens or make the even weaker comment that I dislike them.  If you are a fan of Hefeweizens I strongly encourage you to check out this strange brew.  As I’m finding with most beer styles, it’s all about finding a well made one that suits your palate.  Isn’t exploring the world of beer fun?

About 20 minutes after drinking this beer, I did have some slight stomach distress.  Nothing that would prevent me from drinking it again, but I would most certainly hesitate from having more than one in a sitting.  I think the Saaz hops that provide the spicy bite make this a beer best enjoyed with or after a meal.  It just has too much of a kick for an empty stomach to handle.

Greenbush Brewing Company prides itself on its eclectic brews, which generally don’t fit into any particular beer styles.  They, through accident more often than design, find that their beers ride the borders between styles.  The location of their Tap Room has had an interesting past as diverse as their beers.  It has been an Auto Shop, Plumbing Shop, Laundromat/Video Rental/Garden Shop, and Laundromat/Coffee Shop.  The building was also once hit by a runaway train back in 1951.

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