Mendocino Black Hawk Stout

Black Hawk Stout 5.2% ABVBlack Hawk Stout
Irish Stout
Mendocino Brewing Company

I awake and exit my room, setting my feet upon the morning sand.  I inhale deeply and let the salty scent of the sea fill my nostrils.  My walk takes a leisurely pace.  I have no where to be and no time to be there.  The crashing waves resound to my left as they batter the shore.  The mangrove swamp to my right exudes a multitude of pleasant sounds, the rustling of leaves in the breeze, small animals making there way from tree to tree.  All is calming and pleasing on this morning walkabout upon a stretch of beach intersecting the sea and the forest.  Speenk!  A lone piercing sound comes from high above.  I look up and can barely spot a dark speck in the crystal clear sky.  Another shriek bursts louder as it is closer now.  The black dot comes into focus as it dives down from such a tremendous height.  Before my mind can begin to comprehend what is happening it has already happened.  The black hawk with aid of gravity has shot itself down on a troop of unsuspecting crabs.  The black hawk leaves the lesser crabs alone, grasping and trapping the largest crab in its talons.  The bird then propels itself back up with much effort and flapping of its muscular wings.  I stand shock still as the bird flies directly over my head.  Its flight is so low to me that I feel drops of salt water descend from the crab.  The black hawk has made it back to the mangrove swamp and to its large nest where two hungry baby black hawks wait anxiously for their breakfast.

Black Hawk Stout is an Irish-style dry stout.  It is not nearly as heavy as most stouts and doesn’t provide the same complexity of flavor as other stouts.  It has a nice creaminess to it with a descent roasted malt flavor.  This one is much better than the Eye Of The Hawk I reviewed last week.  I’d recommend picking up a 6 pack even if you can’t find it on sale or definitely try it on tap if you see it available.  All in all, Mendocino puts out an okay product.  It’s telling that this brewery was one of the first post prohibition era craft breweries.  I’m sure back in the 80’s these beers were well renowned as there was little competition and strong desire for alternative beer choices.  Now with some many different craft breweries and great beers out there it is hard for Mendocino to compete.  Their product is simply surpassed by so many other craft breweries today.


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