Central Waters Satin Solitude

Central Waters Satin Solitude 7.5% ABVCentral Waters Satin Solitude
Imperial Stout
Central Waters Brewing Co.

Ideal for a cold autumn evening by the fire, I find myself enjoying this brew indoors on warm spring evenings basking in the wonderful invention that is Air Conditioning.  I had such a wonderful experience with the Central Waters Barley-Wine brew, I had to try out another offering from Central Waters.  As I was perusing the cooler section, I saw the Satin Solitude 6 pack for $9.99.   In a spontaneous moment, I decided to take advice from the “Treat Yo Self” episode of “Parks and Recreation” and purchased the 6 pack, to treat myself.   This beer is on the lower end of the alcohol content spectrum for an Imperial Stout, but still packs a decent hit to the liver’s alcohol processing ability.

I immediately became a fan of this beer, with the ingestion of my first sip.  It is very easy to drink, which isn’t always the case with Stouts, especially Imperial Stouts.  It is a malty brew, with notes of caramel and a strong chocolate finish.  Though Central Waters may have implanted the idea in my head with the naming of this beer, I can’t help but say that its name is most germane.  The beer glides across one’s tongue like satin sheets against one’s sleeping body.  It’s smooth in the most satisfying of ways.  Though it is a dark rich beer, its smooth drinkability makes it a beer that can be enjoyed year round.  It’s not a brew you want to drink from the bottle when it’s hot outside, but poured into a proper glass it could be enjoyed late on a summer evening while watching the fireflies.

The label shows what I believe to be a crane, which must be indigenous to Wisconsin, the home of the brewery.  My only experience with cranes is seeing them on a tour with my family off the marshes of South Padre Island during Spring Break, at the age of 14.  If only I had appreciated the beauty of the Whooping Cranes that were on the Endangered Species list at the time (or so I recall).  Instead all I wanted was to be at the MTV style beach parties that I had fantasized about.  Who can blame me though, what 14 year old boy would choose to look at birds over bikini clad Coeds?  Alas it was not to be and here I digress with my chauvinistic teenage memories.

If you haven’t ventured into the world of Imperial Stouts and are looking for a nice way to ease in, grab a 6 pack or try a pint on draught of this one.  You will soon find yourself enamored with the style and begin trying out many different ones, like I have.


One thought on “Central Waters Satin Solitude

  1. Found this one a couple weeks ago. I like it for the price, (8.59 here); it’s a lot like a better imperial stout – but just a little less so.


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