Six Row Archnemesis Midnight

Archnemesis Midnight 8.5% ABVSix Row Archnemesis Midnight
Imperial Black India Pale Ale
Six Row Brewing Company

The day of fools is finally over.  As the clock chimed a dozen times, I rejoiced with a pint of Archnemesis Midnight.  I had survived unscathed.  This was the first years since 2007 that he hadn’t struck.  I had stayed inside, doors and windows locked, afraid to get out of bed for anything more than nature’s call.  I laid flat, staring at the ceiling, waiting, waiting, waiting.  How would it happen this year?  What small detail did I forget?  What vulnerability would he exploit?

I didn’t go online.  I didn’t even look at my phone. My phone could easily be turned against me.  No text, no calls, I powered off my phone at 11:45 pm on March 31st, only turning it back on a few minutes ago, after pouring my beer.  I stayed in bed, full of dread, unable to focus enough even to read.  I did not sleep, did not eat, just waited in agonizing, paralyzing fear.

What if that was the plan all along, the years of pranks all leading to this?  Damn it!  He did succeed.  My Arch Nemesis has tortured me from one midnight through to the next.  Oh how I loathe April Fools’ Day.

As evidenced above, April Fools’ Day is fun for some and terror for others.  The Six Row Archnemesis Midnight on the other hand is a brew that just about all beer lovers can appreciate and enjoy.  Though it is “bountiful” in hops, sitting at 80 IBUs, the roasted malts balance out the flavor as well as providing the motor oil black hue.  Anyone with a craving for a Black IPA will be more than sated by this beer.  After having this and the Six Row Whale Ale, I look forward to trying out their other beers.  I might just have to make a weekend trip to St. Louis to hit up Six Row Brewing Company and Urban Chestnut Brewing Company, here very soon.


2 thoughts on “Six Row Archnemesis Midnight

  1. And I heard that on April Fools Day, a husband went into the den where his wife was reading the paper and announced “I just wanted to confess that I am having an affair with my secretary” fully prepared to tell his wife: “April Fools” The wife responded without outcry and then said: ‘Well, I guess that I have to confess that I have been having an affair with your brother for the past 3 months” The husband then said: “April Fools”. She did not. The husband called his brother and confronted him and he confessed that what the wife said was true. And the moral of the story is: WHO IS THE FOOL! So, beware of April Fool’s Jokes. They may come back to bite you in the A___.


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