Real Ale Brewers’ Cut 013: Oyster Stout

wpid-wp-1418356316040.jpegBrewers’ Cut 013: Oyster Stout, 6.8% ABV
Oyster Stout
Real Ale Brewing Company

The Real Ale Brewery out of Blanco, Texas has spun up their Brewers’ Cut series, complete with a separate website for your viewing pleasure.

As they describe it, it is their research and development line. It gives them an avenue to develop different styles and ideas for beer, release them, receive feedback, and possibly load them into their regular brewing schedule.

Two sets are out at any given moment: an odd-numbered “project” released in a six-pack and an even-numbered project in a four-pack.

A few weeks ago, I had my first edition, 012 Grand Cru, which was quite enjoyable and I heard 013 was out in the wild. In between changing diapers, I visited our local HEB, which is awesome enough to have a dedicated Twitter account to the beer aisle. In chatting with Joe, the friendly beer man, I asked about 013. He hadn’t tried it himself, so he raided a six-pack, opened a bottle, and poured a couple of tasters for us.

While stouts aren’t in my usual preferred style range, I enjoyed the taster so much I had to buy a fresh six pack.  It is a clean stout—easy to drink, not overhanded. Almost too easy as I finished it long before reaching this point in the write-up. The oysters, we assume, gives this beer a bit of a mineral taste. For me, it hints at the ocean, almost as if I opened a bag that had been packed seaside and you can smell the fading essence of the salt-filled air when you open it.

It is a pleasant reminder—again, not overpowering—just enough to take my mind there. The roasted malt flavor is definitely present without the less attractive flavors that are often found in stouts—no burnt coffee here. I found this to be on the sweet side of the stout equilibrium.

A good stout for a stout-lover or for someone new to the stout world. You can find it at fine retailers in the Central Texas area, but find it fast—once they’re gone, they’re gone.

7 thoughts on “Real Ale Brewers’ Cut 013: Oyster Stout

  1. I had one major problem with this stout. No a.b.v stated anywhere, but thats it.
    This is one of the best most balanced stouts I have ever had the pleasure of sipping! Not to much sweetness, not hoppy (which is good for a stout), very roasty and malty too. And the ocean hits your nose as soon as you pop that bottle, I thought I was by the peir, or in a seafood market shopping for some good calamari. This is it fellas!


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