Stone Smoked Porter with Chocolate & Orange Peel

Smoked Porter with Chocolate & Orange Peel 5.9% ABVStone Smoked Porter with Chocolate & Orange Peel
Stone Brewing Co.

Procrastination weighs heavy upon his conscience.  Another day arrives, another day is wasted.  Time always in need and when accrued flitted away upon petty amusements.

So he wakes early this day in an attempt to change his ways, merely to change the alarm so he can sleep yet another hour. Further Sleep is not needed, it just feels so damn good to him.

Finally he slides his way out of bed, brews his coffee and sits in front of his laptop, his place of productivity.  He only decides on the specifics of what he tells himself he will do tonight once he gets back from his job.

Why, oh why, does he procrastinate from drinking a beer and writing about it?  It is definitely not the first part of that proposition, it is always the latter.  He at least has done some of the tedious effort required: choosing a beer, cleaning the glass, and prepping a saved draft.

His menial efforts are rewarded as promptly after finishing his dinner, the meal he eats upon returning home from his day earning another dollar, he has no excuses, no made up reasons to not write a review.  He pours his beer, photographs it and opens his laptop.  Though all is laid out before him, so many times before something has prevented the task at hand from being accomplished.

He then takes a sip of his chosen beer.   Ah, yes, this will not be a review that is a struggle.  If anything there will need to be much paring down and culling.  For this beer incites in him the long form praise of an unexpected pleasantry.

This is what I deem a “First Draught First Draft” as I have never had the brew so have no idea what I am getting into, which always carries a risk.  It could be bad, it could be great, or it could be the worst of all, mediocre.  A great beer is always easy to write about, the praise and gushing carry the writing.  A bad beer can be more fun to write about than even a great beer.  I get to take out any built up anger or frustration on that despicable beer, coming up with the most creative of derisive epithets to direct at it.  When the beer is average or mediocre it is the most arduous endeavor to write about it, for what is there really to say?  It’s ok?

The nose is that of a smoked porter and nothing more.  I’m not much of a fan when it comes to smoked porters or smoked beers of any kind, come to think about it.  Why is it that I decided upon this beer again?

The initial sip is taken.  The usual flavor of a smoked porter comes through in the front and even middle of the beer.  I keep waiting for the chocolate and orange peel to come in, waiting and waiting.  Then as all else fades away there is the most pleasing mixture of orange and chocolate, which not only makes the smoked flavor palatable but enjoyable1.

The smoked and chocolatey orange flavor complement each other.  They weave together, moving like dancing partners, letting each other take turns taking the lead.  As I get further into the glass, the citrus flavor moves from finish to front, as one sip blends into the next.  The smoked flavor will rise up, and then fade to the back.  The flavors do not fight with one another but allow the other to take center stage, and back and forth.

I take another sip, after a few minutes pause to type.  My goodness, this is a good beer.  Well done Stone Brewing, well done.

  1.  An uncontrollable belch leap from inside me while drinking this beer, providing a surprisingly pleasant orange taste.  This beer even makes ones belches enjoyable.  At least to the one who belches. 

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