Golden Road Might As Well IPL

Picture of Golden Road Might As Well IPL CanMight As Well IPL, 7.2% ABV

India Pale Lager

Golden Road Brewery

Your dedicated authors are currently at the Beer Blogger’s Conference in San Diego, CA. As part of the weekend festivities, we visited the Golden Road Brewery in Los Angeles,. I was impressed with the business-saaviness of Meg, the co-founder that we met, and the absolute love of beer and the local craft beer community from the employees we met.

A particular noteworthy aspect of our visit was the brewery tour. Golden Road had just started production on a new beer, their Might As Well IPL. Today, in fact, was the first day that they put the finishing touches and packaged this beer.

IPLs are relatively new to the commercial beer scene, with only a few being available (another example being Founder’s Dissenter IPL) and will find a good home with many beer fans. While really similar to an IPA with the appearance of hops, the lager style makes this style worth checking out.


At the end of the tour, Laurel, our faithful guide, pulled cans of the Might As Well straight off of the line, just before being put into cases. The IPL was an impressive beer, a good brew to enjoy anytime with a damn good name.

If you’re in the LA area, keep your eye out as it should be available soon. It’s very new, so new, in fact, that we added it to Untappd for them.


As the first stop for this year’s Beer Blogger’s Conference, the brewery were excellent hosts and looking forward to seeing them expand (as is obviously their direction) and available in more places outside of California. In addition to the Los Angeles area, you can find Golden Road at the Tropicana in Las Vegas and a growing number of airports (with their airport-exclusive “Carry On Citrus Ale”).

In general, Golden Road is a fine brewery working hard to push the art of craft beer in the LA area. When you’re in the area, support them or other breweries that are part of the LA Craft Brewery Guild (look them up).

Disclosure: This beer was provided free by the brewery as part of a conference excursion. The review is my own opinion and not influenced.

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