Headwall Alt

Headwall Alt 4.5%ABV
German-style Brown Ale
Tuckerman Brewing Company

I opened my Headwall Alt and learned the hard way not to let my beer bottles lie on their side.  The beer immediately started to foam out of the bottle.  Thankfully, I was holding it over a trash can so all the foam poured out and down the bottle and into the trash.  While there was minimal clean up, I had unfortunately wasted precious beer.  My first sip provided a nice light taste with a smooth finish.  It is not overpowering by any means and very inviting for a second sip, which I’ll take right now.  It has a very smooth finish and a slight positive aftertaste.  For those of you who have had a Shiner Bock, the Headwall Alt has a similar flavor, body and smooth finish.  The finish doesn’t have the same hint of sweetness that the Shiner Bock does, but they are similar brews.  As I’m a huge fan of the Shiner Bock this comparison is high praise for Headwall Alt.  Alt literally means “old” in German.  Tuckerman stays as true to the old recipe of the traditional style of altbier as possible.  This old recipe is what provides the balanced bready, hoppy flavor and positive aftertaste.  I’m about ½ the way through the beer and must say it continues to impress.  I am currently drinking it without any food, but I think it would go quite well with a burger and fries, or maybe some chicken tenders.  For a dark ale it is not too filling, and even has a refreshing character to it.  I recommend this one by it’s self or with a meal.  It would definitely be worth picking up a 6 pack of this brew.

The Headwall Alt is made by Tuckerman Brewing Company located in Conway, New Hampshire. The brewery was founded in 1998. As with many microbreweries, it started out as a home brewing hobby that the founders decided to turn into a career.  For some more info on Tuckerman, check out my review of their Pale Ale.

Special thanks to my sister and her husband. They gave me a variety 12 pack of microbrews for my birthday, which included this beer.

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