One-Gallon Pilot System

This weekend, Jeffery’s Tea landed in the tanks. It’s an experimental beverage made with barley, chai tea, with sugar as an alternative/secondary fermination source. It’s also the first run of my “Short Haul” one-gallon pilot setup for my self-proclaimed Airport Brewing.

The one-gallon setup is nice. It’s relatively quick to get to a boil and cool down only a gallon’s worth of liquid since we’re simple here and still use an ice bath. While only producing 10 bottles is limiting for any real “distribution” to friends, it is perfect to tinker with ideas before going in for a five- or ten-gallon brew and can go through them pretty quickly to keep the brews rotating in the fridge.

Do you all drop down to one-gallon setups or stick with the larger one for experimental brews?

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