Whole 30: Day 2

Alright beer friends, I’m going to lean on y’all for support these next few weeks.

To help all of get through this trying time—trying the Whole 30 diet—let’s talk about what’s next in the homebrew schedule for Airport Brewing. Inspired by the latest edition of Zymurgy, I’m going to go with a hard tea of some sort. It’ll be called Jeffery’s Tea (or some variation thereof). Jeffery Field was the original name of Boston’s Logan Airport, which as we all know, had a little tea party back in 1773.

That should be a fun experiment to welcome our transition away from this diet experiment.

To that end, we’re moved on to hunting the countryside for sugar-free bacon, eating Spanish faux-rice made from cauliflower, and still trying to figure out exactly what are coconut aminos.

So, friends, save me. What are you drinking or brewing of note?

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