Perennial Abraxas

Abraxas  10% ABV / 80 IBU   
American Imperial / Double

Perennial Artisan Ales

The time flies by and then you are gone, you have left the premise but it has not left you. It has soaked it’s way into your bone and sinew, causing an ache that radiates outwards from your core. It is a work induced symptom, quite similar to the flu.
You take a water break or two. You stop for a moment to write a check, countdown a cashier. These count as breaks.
boxes and boxes and more boxes…full of liquid. They all need to be moved from here to a place where they can be picked up and purchased, with how many stops in between?
15 cases moved to point B from A at once, then case by case tossed upon a blue cart wheeling 16+ cases to the floor, the sales floor, over and over and over, sku item by sku.
Higher ups (read as the Highest Up) bring in certain items to promote at a profit incentive tied directly to one’s check. That’s how you become a company shill.
Then you realize everyone in town is doing the same thing. . .
(“That’s just what you are…that’s just what you are” as sung by Aimee Mann)

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