New Glarus Spotted Cow

Spotted Cow 5.1% ABVNew Glarus Spotted Cow
Saison / Farmhouse Ale
New Glarus Brewing Co.

With a heart full of mixed emotions I sit down to type a review.  Not just any review, for this is a review of lasts.  The last review for the month of June, the last review of New Glarus Tuesdays, and the last review of my Wisconsin beer stash, as it’s the last bottle I have left.  So there is a sense of loss with this review, but also a sense of pride.

We at 365 Brew set out to post a review every weekday during June.  With this post we will have accomplished that goal.  This has also been our highest viewed month ever, including our highest viewed day and week.  We are on track to more than double our total views from last year as well.

So while at times this month, the reviews could be a grind, one beer in particular being very rough to drink, it has all been worth it, as you the readers seemed to enjoy the output of posts.

With this bittersweet feeling I pour and begin to drink, if not the best Wisconsin has to offer beer-wise, certainly the most well known and sought after beer this is produced in that great state.   The beer has a lovely light golden hue with a creamy white head.  With every sip I am reminded of my brief excursion up to Wisconsin.  The people of Wisconsin were as friendly and welcoming as this beer is light and inviting.  There is a fun and fruity essence to the brew not unlike the sweet and entertaining personalities of the Wisconsinites I encountered.  So pleasing and enjoyable is this beer that before I knew it, it was finished, making me want to experience it all over again, just like my trip.

Vielen Dank, Wisconsin!   You have given me the fondest of memories and allowed me to bring home some of your delicious beers.  These beers helped spawn a month full of fun themes and even better reviews.  I will have to make a trip back up to see you soon, especially since I’m now out of all your flavorful brews.


6 thoughts on “New Glarus Spotted Cow

  1. Spotted Cow is widely regarded as a Cream Ale, though apparently NG doesn’t classify it that way. In fact, it is listed as a BJCP commercial example for the style.


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