Milwaukee Brewing Co. Booyah

Booyah 6.5% ABV / 20 IBUMKE Booyah
Saison / Farmhouse Ale
Milwaukee Brewing Co.

Here we are.  The final installment of MKE Wednesdays & Fridays.  It’s only been a few weeks but I have become quite fond of this brewery.  While one of there beers was far from a treat for me, I have enjoyed the rest of them.  I really want to visit their brewery and do a Brew Tour now.

I was not expecting to enjoy this last beer, BOOYAH.  It’s another style issue for me.  While there have been some Saisons I’ve enjoyed, most of the ones I’ve had recently just didn’t suit me.  So with lowered expectation I went into the tasting of this brew.

I was surprised right off the bat by the color of the beer.  I was expecting a light golden color, whereas this has more of a dark almost amber hue.  It could be the lighting outside due to the rain (Will it ever stop raining.  It has rained everyday for almost two weeks now.  This isn’t Seattle, what is going on?).  The taste of the beer, doesn’t have the bite or wine flavor that I have become accustomed to of late with Saisons.

I’m enjoying this beer.  It’s complex with different notes hitting me with successive sips.  I am able to pick up on the subtle tangerine and peach flavors that the Saison Ale yeast provides.  I like the use of Czech Saaz hops in the beer as well.  I could enjoy a few bottles of this Saison.  I almost regret giving up the other bottle I had to a Saison loving friend of mine.  I’m sure he is enjoying the bottle more than I would though.

Along with the yeast and hops, Milwaukee Brewing company uses barley malt, wheat, malted rye, and oats in this beer.  They call it a “kitchen sink type of recipe.”  They used a ton of ingredients and it sure does work for the beer.  If you would like to learn more about the history of the Saison style, check out my review of the Saison Dupont.  If you happen to be in the Milwaukee Brewing Company distribution area and don’t feel like reading more, just grab a BOOYAH and enjoy.

Before wrapping up the month of June, I still have one more Wisconsin beer to review.  It is the most popular of the New Glarus beers and happens to be of the same style as the BOOYAH.  Find out Tuesday which beer I’m talking about, if you don’t already know.


One thought on “Milwaukee Brewing Co. Booyah

  1. Call your Uncle Dave because the manager promised him that he would get your Aunt Linfa here favorite wine and dripped the ball. Now that he knows you work there I assume that you can take care if your Uncle and Aunt


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