Santa Fe Brewing Co. Imperial Java Stout

Imperial Java Stout 8% ABV Santa Fe Imperial Java Stout after noon
American Imperial / Double Stout
Santa Fe Brewing Company

The rain was pouring down.  Then a brief pause between rain clouds occurred. The perfect time to take my beer photos.  Just as I finished up, the rain begins to pour again.  Mmm, nothing quite like drinking an award winning coffee stout while listening to the gentle rumblings of thunder and the steady beating of rain drops upon the soil, especially when situated inside with the window open.

I have had this beer once before, months back.  A friend of mine give me a can of this beer a couple of weeks ago.  I looked it up on trusty old Untappd to help me remember that I had in fact imbibed it previously.  Thanks for the beer, Dan!

I’ve been spending a lot of time with Wisconsin beers this month though we haven’t solely dealt with the “Forward” State.  Kraft represented Texas breweries well with a review, and I have also hit up Indiana beers, an Illinois beer, a couple Michigan beers, a Colorado beer, and today we are showcasing a New Mexico beer.  To hell with beers from the Coasts!  Not really, I’m a big fan of West Coast and East Coast beers, but gotta show the fly over states some love, right?  Obviously they make good beers as well.

This one for instance is a damn good beer.  I understand how it won 2013 Honorable Mention at the US Beer Tasting Championship, 2013 Celebrity Pick in the speciality category at the NM Cup, and 2007 Best of the Rockies/Southwest at the US Beer Tasting Championship.  While it still isn’t as good as the Smog City Coffee Porter, this Java Stout is no slouch.  I would be proud to give this brew to any of my beer connoisseur friends. It pours pitch black like a cup of joe with no cream or sugar.  Although the taste of this brew is smooth and creamy, with just the right level of bitterness brought on by the Fuggle hops1 and of course the coffee beans, a blend of New Guinea beans and organically grown East Timor beans.

The can has two sides to it, with pictures that you can take as you will.  My thought is that if you drink this “before noon” you can count it as a cup of coffee.  If you drink it “after noon” you can count it as a beer.  Is my interpretation too lax?  What do you think the two labels are suppose to mean?

The rain clouds have parted for the moment.  A squirrel is chewing on a large nut and a few cardinals just flew past the window to say hello.  It’s a beautiful day to be alive and I can’t think of a better beer to enjoy right now than the Santa Fe Imperial Java Stout.  I hope you too can enjoy a great beer that enhances your day beyond complaint.

  1.  I knew I had experienced Fuggle before the Hop Happy

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