Milwaukee Brewing Co. Louie’s Demise

Louie’s Demise 5.5% ABV / 25 IBUMKE Louie's Demise
American Amber / Red Ale
Milwaukee Brewing Co.

Editor’s note: This post would have been up much earlier, but due to internet issues, I was unable to finish it before work and had to post it after work.  Sorry to anyone who was eagerly awaiting this Wednesday installment of the month long MKE Wednesdays & Fridays series.  

I’m tired.  My right hand is a bit sore.  On the drive back from work, I wasn’t excited to do this beer review.  In fact I was a bit stressed out by it.  Would I be able to get it up by Midnight?  Would I ruin the 365 Brew streak of having a review published every weekday during the month of June?  I know this is the bitching and moaning of a spoiled individual.  “Oh no, I’m not going to get my beer review done in time.  Damn you internet for not allowing my computer to connect to the world wide web.”  Truly, I am spouting off about First World Problems.

Then I opened Louie’s Demise.  Poured it into a glass, ice cold, that I had pulled right out of the freezer.  Found some nice lighting and took a photo of the beer.  It looked inviting.  I was starting to forget my worry and stress.  I was getting back to basics.  I was simply going to sit and enjoy this beer, oh and write about it.  I can read and write, isn’t that a wonderful thing.  It’s a gift I take for granted every day.  I began to wander in wonder.

Then I took an actual sip of this beer.  I got a taste.  Ahh.  I see why this is Milwaukee Brewing Company’s flagship beer.  It reminds me of Shiner Bock.  It is mainly malty.  The hops and yeast obviously have to be used, but they are far in the background.  This beer is smooth and easy drinking.  It would go great with a meal, or perfectly all on it’s own, as I’m drinking it now.

This is a beer that I could buy a 6 pack of and be glad, which is becoming few and far between, in my constant quest for the “new” beer I haven’t tried.  This is a beer that would be great to enjoy while catching up with an old friend.  Bring the 6 pack and the two of you could split it and never get tired of the taste, just as you have never tired of each other’s irreverent humor.  Thank you MKE’s Louie’s Demise for putting me back in the right frame of mind.

I feel inclined to speak a little to the name of the brew now.  I’ll start the story at least. The founders of Milwaukee Brewing Company started off as homebrewers.  In the farmhouse in Cedarburg where they would brew, there was a 19th century picture of several men drinking.  Every time the founders would drink they would cheers to the men in the picture.  After a closer look they realized these men were at a wake.  The wake of a man named Louie.  So all this time the founders had been toasting to Louie’s Demise.

This isn’t even the best part of the story.  You should read the full story, including the best part, at MKE Louie’s Demise.

With a few minutes to spare I have kept my promise and my sanity.  Next time you are feeling stressed, grab a friend and some of this beer, and you too can toast to Louie’s Demise.

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