New Glarus Two Women

Two Women 5% ABVNew Glarus Two Women
Golden Lager
New Glarus Brewing Co.

Here we are at the penultimate post of the New Glarus Tuesdays theme.  I’m not sure I’m going to enjoy this brew as much as the last two, as I tend to like Ales more than Lagers.  New Glarus has impressed me so far though, so I do have slightly higher expectations than usual for a Lager beer.

The beer pours and impressive dark golden hue.  This is no standard American Light Lager, this beer has some depth to it, I can already tell.  It’s has a slight chewy mouthfeel which I respect from a Lager.  The flavor is full and most satisfying.  I would put this Lager in the same class as the North Coast Scrimshaw.  It is expertly made, has great balance and, mmm, that taste keeps me wanting more.  It is definitely a Lager, but it is a crafted Lager, not a mass produced beer to be pounded without care for taste and substance.

While many Craft breweries have names for beers that tend to sexualize or objectify women (ie. Raging Bitch or Mt.U Golden Cream Ale1), this beer is named to celebrate the history of women in beer brewing.  Instead of trying to paraphrase, I’ll quote the label which explains the name of this beer perfectly.

“Four thousand years before Christ, Sumerian women created the divine drink of beer. Viking women brewed in Norse society. European Ale Wives were so successful as cottage brewers they were taxed. Artisanal women lost their domination of the daily ritual of brewing during the Industrial Revolution. Today’s brewing trade is controlled by men.

The collaboration of two Craft companies both led by women, New Glarus Brewing and Weyermann Malting, is unique. You hold the result “Two Women” a Classic Country Lager brewed with Weyermann’s floor malted Bohemian malt and Hallertau Mittelfrueh hops. A tempting and graceful classic lager found…Only in Wisconsin!”  – Two Women beer label

I have to be honest, I was ignorant of the above facts.  Not only is this a delicious Lager, it taught me about an aspect of beer history I knew nothing about.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

  1.  You can see the labels and read more about them in this well written piece

One thought on “New Glarus Two Women

  1. Oh, and you can learn so much from the women in your life: your Mother, your Sister and your Sister-in Law. And, perhaps, if there is a woman in your life now, her too! Perhaps if you listen to each of them you would learn many things that would enhance your life! Lord knows that I have learned many things from your Mother. Like I am only right once a year, if I am lucky. And, when I am, I write it down on the calendar to insure that I can prove it!


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