Bell’s Saturn: The Bringer of Old Age


Saturn 11.5% ABVBell's Saturn: The Bringer of Old Age
American Barleywine
Bell’s Brewing, Inc.

Oh wondrous aroma.  It is even more powerful than a Siren’s song, maybe instead of a melodious enchanting tune, The Sirens of Titan1  enchant you with this incredible scent.  Oh my, this beer is too easy to drink, it is not harsh in the least.  I can’t even begin to imagine how much better this gets with age.  It has already spent almost a year developing.  Back in July 2014 is when Bell’s put this beer in casks.  It was the first beer of the Planets Series that was brewed. Though I want to drink more and more of this beer, I must slowly and steadily take my time, allow for the passage of time around me.  For not only is this beer too delicious to hastily down, it is also quite potent in strength and more than one can bear drinking at a rabbit’s pace.

Barely into this Barleywine I am immensely happy I have two more bottles to enjoy.  It will be many many moons, before I open another of my prized bottles.  Though this beer is most certainly worthy of review, the next time I drink one, it will have to be for the most special of occasions.  Dare I say it, I can’t believe what I’m about to type.  This beer exceeds my long held favorite of all Barleywines, the former greatest of the style, the Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine.  I never thought the day would come, but here it is.  Oh great species man, and great organism yeast, together with the plants, hop and barley, you have created this elixir from the heavens.  The universe bequeaths this brew and I wholeheartedly accept it.  Bells ring and clang, the music of Gustav bringing a depth to my drinking experience far beyond my usual Pandora playlist.

Just when I had thought this beer review endeavor an abhorrent chore with my last review, my diligence and suffering is rewarded.  Oh life and existence, beautiful creation that abounds, I am so happy to be situated on this blue spec of matter, and neighbor (in the grand scheme of things) to the ringed planet Saturn who inspired Gustav to create this music and in turn for Bell’s to create this brew.  Oh joyous life the best part yet, is I look down at my glass and have 4/5ths of it left.

  1.  This is the title of my favorite Kurt Vonnegut book.  Also, Saturn’s Moon Titan’s atmosphere even more Earth-like than previously thought

One thought on “Bell’s Saturn: The Bringer of Old Age

  1. And, when I was at Boston College, we had Kurt Vonnegut come to speak at a little conference we put on. When he grabbed Steve Sowa’s girlfriend’s ass, Steve and I were compelled to deck him. So much for Kurt Vonnegut ever coming back to speak at BC. Needless to say, he bitched about us decking him to the Dean and we did another 6 months disciplinary probation. But it was sure worth it to deck that pervert.
    And he had had numerous alcoholic beverages prior to speaking so it was not a big task to deck him. I doubt however that he had any of Bell’s Saturn prior to speaking. But Steve and I did “Ring His Bell”


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