Milwaukee Brewing Co. Outboard

Outboard 5% ABV / 14 IBUMKE Outboard flash
Cream Ale
Milwaukee Brewing Co.

I am not inclined to follow through on this review.  I do not want to bad mouth a good brewery.  I persist only because I promised to review the MKE Pot Luck Pack1 and this is one of the beers included.  So I must press on through the punishment.  Allow my palate to be subjected to this rancid tasting brew.

This is my second bottle of Outboard and it is just as bad as the first.  It doesn’t matter whether it is from a pint glass or a proper cream ale glass, I do not like this beer.  In fact, I abhor it.  Maybe this is a bad batch?  Maybe it’s too old? Maybe it’s just a compatibility issue between my palate and this style?  These questions arose in my mind.  I disliked the beer so much, I had to do further research into Cream Ales.  So I procured a Wexford Irish Cream Ale.  Though I liked that beer more than the Outboard, it was still not a pleasant drinking experience.Untappd Check-in of Wexford Cream Ale

I looked at the rating of Outboard on Untappd to find that it gets an above average rating of 3.37 out of 5.  So maybe I did get a bad batch, maybe it is past it’s prime, more than likely though I just dislike Cream Ales, whereas others enjoy them.  Whatever the reason, I am unwilling to do further research.  I will not be drinking a Cream Ale anytime soon.  I am just glad I get to wash the horrible taste out of my mouth with another cold beer as soon as I finish up with this review.

The only upside to this beer, is that the fowl flavor induced me to take alternative photos, using background and lighting that I have previously not considered.  In my opinion, if a beer makes you focus on photography techniques instead of the actual brew, it is not for you.

  1.  I have enjoyed the rest of the MKE Pot Luck Pack, and look forward to the two remaining. 

5 thoughts on “Milwaukee Brewing Co. Outboard

    • I almost wrote about what makes a cream ale and some history, couldn’t get past how much I disliked the one I was drinking though.


  1. Drink a 6 pack of Shiner Prickly Pear first and then the Cream Ale may not taste that bad. But then again, even with a “buzz on” it still may suck. But at least you would have enjoyed Shiner’s summer brew.


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