Great Divide Rumble Oak Aged IPA

Rumble Oak Aged IPA 7.1% ABV / 50 IBUGreat Divide Rumble
American IPA
Great Divide Brewing Company

As of late I have been coming into a diverse assortment of free beers.  Instead of questioning my good fortune, I thank whoever was kind enough to give me the beers and happily look forward to drinking them.  This is one of those beers.  It was given to me by an associate who brought it back from Chicago.  While I have heard of Great Divide Brewing Company, I have never had the opportunity to try out one of their brews, until now.  Thanks Will!

It’s an overcast day outside.  The rain could start at any moment.  I take my photo quickly, as I don’t want any rain to water down my freshly poured beer.  For some reason I’m not expecting much out of this beer.  I assume it’ll be a decent American IPA, but haven’t been blown away by any that I have tried recently.  Though my nose is stuffy due to seasonal allergies, I’m still able to pick up on a distinct hop aroma, this is a good sign.

I take a sip.  Mmm, not bad, not bad at all.  I take a bigger sip.  This is really good.  The gentle aging of this beer on French and American oak, really makes a difference in the characteristic of the brew.  I can’t remember having an oak aged IPA, but I must say if they are anything like this one, I’d like to try more.  I can pick up on subtle hints of vanilla in the middle of the beer.  The finish brings with it pine and citrus undertones as advertised.  I’m really enjoying this brew.  It stands out from the pack.

Damn it all.  The trouble with being a craft beer aficiando is that when you try out a new beer from a new-to-you brewery and discover how well made it is, you have yet another brewery that you want to try beers from.  In today’s craft beer world, there is just not enough time or money to try out all the good beers available.  Oh well, I guess I’ll have to spend the rest of my life discovering and drinking amazing beers from great breweries all over the country and the world.  Woe is me.

Great Divide Brewing Company is located in Denver, Colorado.  It has been around since 1994, back with the craft beer scene was in its nascent stage.  They have 26 different brews, at least according to my count from their website listing.  One of these days I’m going to have to make a trip to Denver to check out their incredible craft breweries.  Great Divide will be one of the must see breweries that I hit up.


One thought on “Great Divide Rumble Oak Aged IPA

  1. Y el trabajo en Decatur es mort importante para que usted sea capaz de revisar cervezas adicionales en su blog. El trabajo es lo más importante, sobre todo en en la tienda de licores! Owen can translate this if you do not understand Spanish.


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