Milwaukee Brewing Co. Polish Moon


Polish Moon 4.5% ABV / 21 IBUMKE Polish Moon
Milk / Sweet Stout
Milwaukee Brewing Co.

Enter now the 2nd week of MKE Wednesdays & Fridays.

Moon Man was a cool cat, but now we are on to “The Polish Moon.”  Well to be more specific, I am drinking a Polish Moon from MKE.  The beer did get it’s name from the Allen-Bradley Clock tower, which is located in the southside of Milwaukee.  This clock tower was dubbed “The Polish Moon”, as it was located in a predominantly Polish neighborhood.  More about the clock tower shortly.

This beer pours pitch black with a nice creamy white head.  There are subtle hints of coffee in the aroma.  With the first taste you can tell that it’s a Milk Stout with plenty of lactose sugar added in the brewing process.  This is a solid Sweet Stout, not unique or spectacular, but if you are hankering for this style, it is a beer that will satisfy your craving.  Unfortunately for all other Milk Stouts, I have tried the Big Muddy Vanilla Stout, which is far and away the best of it’s kind that I have ever come across, and probably will ever come across.  But I digress.

While the beer is solid if not captivating, the history of the name of the beer I did find interesting.  As mentioned earlier it’s named after the Allen-Bradley Clock tower which up until just recently held the world record for “largest four sided clock…rising 280 feet in the air with each face having a diameter of 40 feet.”1

The Clock tower was completed in 1962 and it’s octagonal faces are nearly twice the size of the faces of “Big Ben” in London.  Take that England!  The lighted faces of the clock have even been used over the years as a navigation aid for mariners on Lake Michigan.  Due to recent changes in the ethnic composition of the area, the clock has also been referred to as the “Mexican Moon.”2

Whether Polish, Mexican, British, or boring old American, you could certainly do worse than to enjoy a Polish Moon while staring up at the Allen-Bradley Clock tower next time you are in the southside of Milwaukee.

One thought on “Milwaukee Brewing Co. Polish Moon

  1. And of course you have Polish in your background. Your Great Grandmother on your father’s side before marriage to your great grandfather Fisherman was named Kolokoski. True Polish. I doubt that she ever “mooned’ your great grandfather, or your grandfather for that matter. She certainly never mooned me. But boy could she cook!
    But, If your great grandfather was still alive (and I am looking at the picture on the wall at the office of your great grandfather, your grandfather, me and you: 4 generations of Fischers) I am sure that your great grandfather would drink one at the beer joint that he used to hang out at on Thomaston Avenue in Waterbury Connecticut (Highland’s Bar).
    As they say in Poland: Zimne piwo w Polsce jest wspaniały.


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