New Glarus Moon Man

Moon Man 5% ABVNew Glarus Moon Man
American Pale Ale
New Glarus Brewing Co.

On to the 2nd installment of New Glarus Tuesdays.

While staying outside the bounds of Earth’s atmosphere, we return much closer to home after our expedition to the gas giant, Jupiter.  We plant our feet upon the dusty surface of the orb that tugs at the oceans, creating the ebb and flow of the tides.  While Jupiter was big and bold in taste and alcohol content, the Moon Man is more mellow and soft in flavor and on the session side of beers.

This beer is fittingly nomenclatured after our sole moon.  It is pleasing to look at and enjoyable for everyone.  No intense “Big IPA” aromatics for this brew.  The creator of the beer wanted to make something in response to the extremism of Big IPAs.  He came up with a perfect blending of 5 varieties of hops, of which I could not track down.  I am not expert enough to figure them out on taste alone either.  There is also a hint of a “smooth malty backside” which provides a consistent balance to the brew.  This truly is a beer anyone can appreciate.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the New Glarus Hopster, I am finding that I like the Moon Man even more.  Not yet halfway through my glass, I got up out of my chair and put my remaining bottle of Moon Man in the fridge.  I will not be able to resist having a second serving of this pleasant beer.  Maybe if I can muster the willpower, I’ll wait until nightfall so I can gaze at the cratered surface of our natural satellite and sip upon this beer.  All the while pondering the incredible human ingenuity that allowed our species to break the pull of gravity and set foot upon the moon, with one small step.


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