Bell’s Jupiter: The Bringer of Jollity

Jupiter 8% ABVBell's Jupiter
Double Brown Ale
Bell’s Brewery, Inc.

Past the asteroid belt and onto the giant planet in our solar system is where I start my journey.  I am a late comer to the Bell’s Planet Series, and though I have heard that Mars was the best one so far, I am thoroughly impressed with this Bringer of Jollity.  I poured my beer into a nonic glass as recommend by Bell’s on their special Jupiter webpage.  I am listening to the music that inspired this beer as I drink.  I encourage you to do the same if you happen to have your hands on a bottle or two.  Bell’s is kind enough to include glass recommendations, tasting notes and the music of Gustav Holst, for each beer in this series.

Jupiter might possibly be the best double brown ale I have ever had, with apologies to my favorite local Springfield brew, Abe’s Ale.  I have generally been adverse to trying out Bell’s beers, due to their high price.  But after splurging on a Bell’s Expedition Stout 6 pack, drinking a Hopslam at a bar, and now tasting this magnificent Jupiter, I have to say that Bell’s beers are worth the extra coin.

This beer is incredibly well balanced.  You can really taste the seven different varieties of malts that they pack into this beer.  The beer has a chewy mouthfeel and truly is bready, biscuity, and toasty in flavor as Bell’s claims it to be.  There is a nice hint of chocolate in the finish, similar to a coffee with nuances of roasted chocolate.

When I think of the planet Jupiter, my mind immediately goes to it’s giant red spot, which is a storm two to three times the size of the earth that has been raging for at least 150 years1.  Jupiter, the beer, has an effect upon me that is the exact opposite of that “permanent spot” that circles the atmosphere of the planet.  After drinking this beer, I have become serene and peaceful, enjoying my life and existence in this universe fraught with chaos.  Come back next Monday to see if the beer inspired by the Ringed Planet, Saturn, can outshine this stellar Jupiter.


One thought on “Bell’s Jupiter: The Bringer of Jollity

  1. As my friend from High School wrote in my yearbook senior year “The Earth is nice but Uranus stinks”. Obviously Jupiter does not “stink”.
    Good luck on the new job.


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