Two Brothers Kick ‘Em In the Pilz

Kick ‘Em In the Pilz 7.5% ABVTwo Brothers Kick 'Em In the Pilz
Imperial Pilsner
Two Brothers Brewing Co.

Another beer from Two Brothers, which is by far my favorite Illinois brewery.  Heck, they are in my top 10 of favorite breweries worldwide.  I saw this beer and knew I had to try it out.

“In a world, dominated by the bland, somtimes you need a real American hero to spark the taste buds back in to action.  This dragon force imperial pilsner has enough hops to drown a fish and the perfect balance of malt to pop a wheelie on a unicycle.  Next time you reach for a cold one, beware of the lone wolf … he’s out to Kick ‘em in the Pilz!!”  — Bottle Label

Gotta say I really like the artwork and dig the paragraph on the side of the label.  It’s harder and harder these days to come up with beer names in the craft beer world.  But Two Brothers succeeded with coming up with a great pun name for this brew.

This beer sits at 45.2 IBUs which is quite high for a pilsner.  The beer truly is perfectly balanced with malt though.  I pick up slightly on the hops in the aroma of the brew, while loving the the delicious malty taste of the beer.  It is quite hearty for a pilsner, with a chewy mouthfeel.  The beer is quite delectable and hides the alcohol content well.  If you slammed this brewed, which is unadvisable as it’s worth enjoying and taking your time with, you’d feel the kick went you went to stand up.

The beer looks magnificent in my thick beer mug, and is even more delightful to drink than to look at.  I’m a bit surprised that there are more than enough of these bottles on the shelf at my local beer emporium.  Hopefully soon people will catch on to how great a beer it is, in the mean time I get to snatch up a few more bottles.  In fact I might have to bring a bottle with me to share at Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference 2015.  While Two Brothers makes even better beers, this is certainly the best imperial Pilsner I have yet to taste.

The more Two Brothers beers I drink, the more I want to do a Brew Tour of their facility in Warrenville, Il.  I’m going to have to schedule a trip up to them soon on a day off from work.


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