Milwaukee Brewing Co. Litta Bitta

Litta Bitta 4.8% ABVMKE Litta Bitta
White IPA
Milwaukee Brewing Co.

Every Wednesday and Friday for the rest of June I will be reviewing beers from a Milwaukee Brewing Co. Pot Luck Pack I picked up in, you guessed it, Milwaukee.  I will be calling these MKE Wednesdays & Fridays.  As you can see this is well in line with my overall Wisconsin theme for the month.

When I bought the Pot Luck Pack I assumed it would contain 4 different beers, to my surprise and delight the Pot Luck Pack contained 6 different beers.  I learned this after already drinking one beer.  This initial beer happened to be the Litta Bitta.  I really enjoyed it and almost had another.  I’m glad I didn’t because then I wouldn’t be reviewing it now, seeing as 12 total beers divided by 6 different beer types, equals 2 beers per type.  I only spelled out this math as I didn’t realize it, myself, until looking at each and every bottle in the 12 pack.  Yes, I can be an idiot at times…in fact a lot of times…anyway.

I used to not be a fan of Session IPAs.  Enter the Litta Bitta.

This beer is light and easy to drink, but still has enough hop flavor to make it stand out from your traditional light brew.  The hop presence doesn’t destroy your palate and the lower alcohol content means you can have a few while enjoying outdoor activities on a hot day.  This delightful beer reintroduced me to the world of Session IPAs and now i’m a fan.

Columbus, Cascade and Centennial hops are used to make this particular Session IPA.  I keep coming across these hops in my palate travels.  The beer is also infused with lemongrass which provides refreshing and light grapefruit and lemongrass flavors.  These flavors are more hints and nuances, as again the beer doesn’t hit you over the head with it’s hoppiness.

While this beer is light, refreshing and just generally nice and congenial, it’s name is a reference to something quite the opposite, a bloody feud that arose in Milwaukee in the mid-1800’s over a bridge.  The settlements on either side of the Milwaukee river couldn’t agree on who was to pay for the bridge and other construction matters.  According to Wikipedia, no one was killed, but injuries occurred.  On January 31, 1846 a resolution was finally reached, uniting the two settlements into the city of Milwaukee.  I had no idea of this tidbit of history.  Thanks Litta Bitta for not just reintroducing me to Session IPAs but also teaching me about Milwaukee history.


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