Hinterland Luna Coffee Stout

Hinterland Luna Coffee Stout 5.8% ABVHinterland Luna Coffee Stout
American Stout
Green Bay Brewing Company

Before I even opened the bottle and had a smell or sip of the beer, I was becoming a fan.  This brewery reminds me of Spoetzl.  Spoetzl brewery produces Shiner beers.  Green Bay Brewing Company produces Hinterland beers.  I know it’s a tiny comparison but sometimes it’s the small things in life.

Not only do I find that quirk pleasing, the name Hinterland for a beer brewed in Green Bay, WI seems, oh so fitting,  making me immediately think of the Ice Bowl, the 1967 NFL Championship Game.  The game in which the Green Bay Packers prevailed over the Dallas Cowboys (yep another Texas connection) at Lambeau field.  The game-time temperature was −15 °F with a windchill of −36 °F.

I sure bet the Packer fans in attendance could have used a few Luna Coffee Stouts, of course in those temperatures the beers would have turned into Popsicles.  Well as usual I have digressed, going off on a random tangent.  Let’s get back to the beer in hand.

This beer pours a rich dark black with a thick beige head.  Their is a nice coffee aroma, though it’s on the subtle side.  The coffee flavor hits immediately which I like.  It’s light for a stout, but not watery like the Coronado Coffee Stout.  There is a nice creaminess to the brew.  It reminds me of an iced coffee with creamer added, very refreshing.

The mouth-feel starts out with some substance and slides into a very clean finish, even crisp I’d say, at least for a stout.  The coffee flavor lingers and takes hold of your palate, even when you take long pauses in between sips.  This is a big plus in my book.

While this beer is not quite in the same ballpark as the Schlafly Coffee Stout or my favorite coffee beer, the Smog City Coffee Porter, it is definitely up there in the discussion for top tier coffee beers.  I can see why this is Hinterland’s flagship beer.

Hinterland was founded in 1995 and is “devoted to brewing world-class beers…carefully crafted for quality and consistency.”  Their beers are brewed in a renovated turn of the century meat packing plant.  They have a restaurant attached to the brewery in Green Bay, as well as a Gastropub in Milwaukee at which you can find their beers.  They also bottle many of their brews in pint bottles with some being available in 12oz bottles.  I going to have to make another trip up to Wisconsin just to pick up more of the Luna Coffee Stout.  I’ll of course have to grab a Hinterland Adventure Pack as well, so I can try out their other beers.

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