Shiner Prickly Pear

Shiner Prickly Pear 4.9% ABVShiner Prickly Pear
Fruit Beer / Summer Seasonal

“Brandon, have you tried the Shiner Prickly Pear?  Not sure if you get it up north.  If you do, you gotta review it.  The guys down at McCoy’s1 are raving about it.”  – Dad

A couple of weeks pass.

“Why haven’t you reviewed the Prickly Pear yet?” – Dad

“I wanted to wait until it felt more like summer weather up here.” – Me

“Drink it now.  There is no need to wait.  Review it already.” – Dad

A couple of weeks pass, again.

It’s 80 degrees and the sun is shining brightly.  While this counts as close to summer weather here, it’s more like early spring weather down in Texas.  Either way, I’m finally getting around to reviewing the latest Shiner Summer Seasonal.

I now know why my dad has been on my case to review this beer.  It is a refreshing delight.  The beer has a nice sweet pear aroma.  The kind of aroma you would expect more out of a Pale Ale or an IPA.  This is actually categorized as a fruit beer though, given it’s main ingredient.  Spoetzl uses the native to central Texas2 Prickly pear along with Citra & U.S. Golding hops, to create this brew.

It is very light which is what you want from a beer when you are outside sweating in the sun.  The finish of the beer is where it shines, with citrus flavor and a subtle tartness.  The beer is marvelously easy drinking and, though I’m repeating myself still have to say it, damn refreshing.

I only grabbed 3 bottles as half of “Mix-a-Six” pack.  I wish I had just bought a full 6 pack.  Hopefully Shiner produced plenty of this brew and it’s not in short supply, so I can rectify my mistake.

This is an ideal brew to drink while sitting by the pool.  It’s great for putting in a koozie and sipping on while playing croquet.  Next time you are going to be outside with friends, breaking a sweat and having fun, grab a 6 pack or two.  Go ahead and grab a 6 pack for yourself so you can have one after mowing the yard as well.  The point is to grab at least a 6 pack soon, so you can enjoy this delightfully light and refreshing brew during the coming summer months.  Hooray for Summer!  And Cheers to Shiner for this exceptional Summer brew!

  1. McCoy’s is a Cigar shop in downtown Houston.  My dad is a loyal patron of the establishment, I think it is safe to say. 
  2.   HEB, a Texas grocery store, actually sells Prickly pears in their produce department, when it’s in season.  I know, because I’ve bought some before, back when I lived in Austin. 

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