SweetWater Road Trip

Road Trip 5.7% ABVSweetWater Road Trip
SweetWater Brewing Company

Road Trip.  Two tiny little words that when put together can mean so very much.  For those in their youth, a Road Trip can be a bastion of potential and possibilities.  An idealized adventure waiting to unfold.  For those a bit or a lot older, Road Trip brings about waves of memories soaked through and through with nostalgia.

At the very least Road Trip is a great name for a beer, especially if it brings to mind for others such positive connotations as it did for me.  Now to see if the beer lives up to it’s name.

This beer is a novel take on the most American of beer styles, the Pilsner.  SweetWater calls it an India Pale Pilsner or IPP for short.  Classic Pilsner and Vienna Malts are used while adding in Sterling and US Golding hops, to give this pilsner a nice hop profile.

With my first sip, I could immediately taste the hops.  It wasn’t overly hoppy, but the hops were most certainly present.  The hop flavor gradually faded in the middle of the beer and I was barely able to notice them in the finish.  I was a bit surprised by this, as SweetWater advertises this beer as having an “intense spicy-hop finish.”  Like any Road Trip, there are expectations and while they are not always meet immediately, the unexpected is part of the fun.  I’m not going to complain I like the beer, actually really like it.  It’s not quite as good as the SweetWater 420, but not far off.

As I got a little over halfway through my Road Trip brew, my palate must have calibrated because I began to pick up on the advertised spicy-hop finish.  The beer had surprised me again and fulfilled the expectations that were set out all along.  For any who have been on a Road Trip or a few, this tends to happen.  You expect fun and adventure and while the build up and anticipation my not be met immediately, by the time you are well into the journey, you realize you are having the fun you had hoped for after all.  I highly recommend Road Trips in general and this SweetWater Road Trip beer specifically.  In the best of all possible worlds you’ll combine the two, bringing a 6 pack of SweetWater Road Trip with you to enjoy at different stops along your next Road Trip adventure.

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