Yuengling Black & Tan

Black & Tan 4.6% ABVYuengling Black & Tan
Black & Tan
Yuengling Brewery

Yuengling is not sold in Illinois, which only heightens the demand for it in this state.  Currently the closest you can get Yuengling is in Tennessee, although I have heard rumors that it has made it’s way to Ohio markets and some are even claiming they can find it in Indiana.  There will be much rejoicing if it ever does become available for purchase in the Land of Lincoln.

Until that time, if it ever does arrive, my brother has a standing order with a friend of his, who drives through Tennessee on a regular basis for business, to pick up a case or two of Yuengling Lager.  This kind man recently made his way through The Volunteer State and dutifully picked up a case of the Lager and also bought a 12 pack of the Yuengling Black & Tan.  He shared the 12 pack at a recent gathering.  I had one then, enjoying it straight from the bottle.  He gave me an extra one to review, if I saw fit.

One of the best byproducts of this beer blog is that people have generously given me beers for free, knowing that more than likely I will end up reviewing the brews.  While I haven’t made it to the “Big Time” yet and had breweries give me free samples, I am more than happy to have friends and associates hand me a beer saying “Try this, let me know what you think.”

I have to be honest, while I can see the appeal of Yuengling Lager, the unique flavor and lack of availability here, I don’t yearn for it like so many others do.  This Black & Tan piqued my interest though as I had never seen a pre-made and bottled Black & Tan before.  Back when I was 23-24yrs old, I was enamored with Black & Tans.  I enjoyed them mainly for the visual beauty of two beers layered atop one another.  Guinness and Harp were my ingredients of choice, and I only ordered them at bars, leaving it to professionals to pour this concoction.

The Yuengling Black & Tan is a combination of the Yuengling Premium and Yuengling Porter, two beers of which I have not yet had.  Don’t let the color of this brew fool you, though it is dark black in color, reminiscent of a robust hearty porter or stout, the flavor is light and it is an easy drinking brew.  Yuengling beers are all 5.4% ABV or below1, lower than what I am usually looking for in a beer.  The session quality of their beers is a plus for most of the general beer drinking public, which I have to assume is part of the reason Yuengling brews sell so well.

Established in 1829, Yuengling is the oldest continuously operating brewery in the United States of America.  Due to the recent changes in what constitutes a Craft Brewery, Yuengling was also the top selling Craft Brewery for 2014.


  1.  This is based on a cursory look on Untappd.  Please let me know if there are higher end ABV beers made by Yuengling 

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