Coronado Barrel Aged Stupid Stout

Barrel Aged Stupid Stout 9% ABVCoronado Barrel Aged Stupid Stout
American Imperial / Double Stout
Coronado Brewing Company

Last night I should have been writing or reading, doing something productive.  Instead, I was procrastinating.  I cleaned an IPA glass, thinking maybe I’d review an IPA.  I had more than a few to choose from.  Worst case I’d already have a clean glass when I finally decided to review an IPA.  I guess that’s somewhat productive.

“Inventory, I need to go through my beer inventory,” I thought, “maybe that will help me choose my next brew to review.”  I searched through my “poor man’s beer cellar1” The majority of those beers I’m intentionally aging, so I won’t be touching them for awhile.  There are a few that I could drink and review now, but no, I’d rather wait for awhile on those.

I opened the mini-fridge in the basement.  A nice assortment of beers were awaiting my approval, like dogs or cats at the pound yearning to be chosen and taken to a new home.  Sure there were a couple I wanted to drink, but none of them called out for reviewing, at least not immediately.  Then I opened a bag sitting on the floor in my room.  There was one beer left of a 4 pack, a double IPA.  I want to review that beer, but probably next week.  Then I saw the bag within the bag, containing a single beer, a beer I had forgotten about.  I promptly took the beer out of it’s own bag and placed it in the mini fridge.  I knew I’d be reviewing that beer today.

I admit it.  The label artwork of the mermaid holding two snifters of beer in strategic spots was the deciding factor in my purchase of this brew.  It wasn’t the only factor mind you, but it was the tipping point, if you will.  I bought this beer a couple of weeks ago.  I was worried I’d be disappointed.  Worried that I’d regret purchasing a 12.7 oz bottle whose shelf price is $9.992.  I was worried I’d be let down, just as I was with my last purchase of a Coronado beer.

Thankfully the beauty on the bottle is more than appropriate for the quality of the beer inside.

Mellow sweet bourbon aroma filled my nostrils as I inhaled deeply, my nose almost touching the surface of the beer.  I took my first taste.  The stout is not overpowering.  The bourbon flavor is sweet and delicious, but not hearty or in your face.  This Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout is much lighter in flavor and mouth-feel than every other of it’s kind that I’ve had.  It makes for a nice change of pace, for this style.  It would be an ideal introductory brew for someone just getting into Bourbon Barrel Aged Stouts.

This beer is drinkable right away.  I would actually discourage aging it in your beer cellar or fridge.  The light brown glass bottle makes the brew very susceptible to light pollution and more importantly there is no need to let the flavor of this brew mellow out.  The flavor is already mellow, unlike most of this styles’ colleagues3.

I’m glad I gave Coronado a second chance after my disappointment with their Blue Bridge Coffee Stout.  Time after time, I’ve learned to never judge a brewery based solely on a single beer.  I actually got a chance to taste three other Coronado offerings recently, just 2 oz tasters worth of their Orange Avenue Wit, Mermaid’s Red, and Islander IPA.  All of those also have the lighter mouth-feel and flavor.  The Orange Avenue Wit, like the Blue Bridge Coffee Stout was too watery for me.  On the other hand the Mermaid’s Red, though light had a fantastic finish and lingering amber ale aftertaste; and the Islander IPA was so confusingly interesting that I want a full 12 oz bottle’s worth to do further research on.


  1.  aka My basement closet. 
  2.  That and yet again, I found a barrel aged beer that has the same ABV as it’s un-barrel aged counterpart. 
  3.   For instance, the Schlafly Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout which is even better if you let it sit for a year or more. 

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