Coronado Blue Bridge Coffee Stout

Blue Bridge Coffee Stout 5.4% ABVCoronado Blue Bridge Coffee Stout
Coffee Stout
Coronado Brewing Company

What is that?  A new beer.  Not just a new beer, a whole line of beers from a brewery that just started distributing to my area!

I always get excited when I can procure beers in my area from a brewery that previously didn’t distribute here.  There is the air of potential.  The possibility of discovering a new favorite beer.  The chance to get more unique beer check-ins on Untappd.

Just a couple of weeks ago Coronado Brewing Company started distributing to the southern Illinois market.  The first bottle I saw was a Barrel Aged Stupid Stout.  I decided to hold off on that one as it was a bit pricey for my current purchase.  Then I saw the Blue Bridge Coffee Stout.  First off I’m always a sucker for a coffee stout, second it was priced at $4.99.  This bottle was perfect for my current budget.  I thought that this was a beer I had never had.  Turns out I had already tasted it while I was attending Beer Blogger Conference 2014.  A lesson learned, always check your Untappd account before making a beer purchase if you are looking for unique check-ins.

Unlike other beers that I purchase and hold onto for weeks, months or even years, I opened up this beer within days of purchase.  I must say I enjoy the bottle artwork, especially that its a painted label.

I poured this beer into my OKC Thunder mug.  The beer pours dark black with a light brown head.  The nose of the beer has an enticing coffee aroma.  While I rather enjoyed the appearance and aroma of the beer, the flavor is quite lacking.  The beer has a light, watery mouthfeel to it, which is not what I expect from a stout.  The beer has decent coffee flavor, but it’s not nearly as robust as I would like it to be.  I guess you could spin it and say “It’s an easy drinking coffee stout.”  You are really reaching if that’s the kind of praise you want to heap on this brew.

The best attribute of this beer is that it’s caffinated, which is not a good sign.  I can always grab a cup of coffee or an energy drink if I’m just looking for caffeine.

The beer is not bad, it is just far from great.  I would say the best use of a 22oz bottle of this beer would be to split it between you and a friend as you are starting a Friday evening.  It’s a light beer so you could drink it quickly.  The caffeine will help keep you up for the remainder of your evening escapades, while the lower end ABV won’t prohibit you from having a few other beers.

I don’t regret buying this bottle, but won’t be buying another one.  I do look forward to trying out Coronado’s Idiot IPA and I’ve heard good reviews of the Barrel Aged Stupid Stout.  Hopefully these other Coronado beers will more rewarding than the Blue Bridge Coffee Stout.

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