The R.M.B. Blood Orange

The R.M.B. Blood Orange 6.9% ABV The R.M.B. Blood Orange
Rolling Meadows Brewery

The R.M.B. Blood Orange is a spring seasonal beer from Rolling Meadows which will be available in March.  “How is it that he is reviewing the beer now, if it’s not available yet?” you may be asking yourself.  Well this is actually a review of last year’s Blood Orange1.  The beer gave me the inspiration for the current Rolling Meadows Week here at 365 Brew.  Only problem is that it took me almost a whole year to follow through on the idea.  My procrastination paid off in a sense, because now I can tout the R.M.B. Blood Orange shortly before this year’s release.  So in other words, I “planned” it to work out like this.

The first thing I noticed is how dark this beer is compared to most hefeweizens.  The only one that I’ve had that comes close to being this dark is the Greenbush Sunspot.  The nose has a typical citrusy hefeweizen aroma.  The taste is where I became impressed.  It is incredibly light up front.  The grapefruit and raspberry flavor becomes pronounced in the middle then flows into a bit of a bite.  The aftertaste then rounds out like a standard hefeweizen.  As I worked my way through the glass I noticed that some slight spicy notes take hold.

This is an ideal spring and/or summer brew.  While it is not my favorite beer that Rolling Meadows has to offer (you can find out my favorite tomorrow), I thoroughly enjoyed it. The grapefruit and raspberry are artfully worked into the beer.  The fruits do not overpower the beer at all, being subtle yet flavorful enough to merely enhance and optimize the hefeweizen base.

Schlafly has a Raspberry Hefeweizen which is pretty good, but is too sweet to have more than one of in a sitting.  Not so with the R.M.B. Blood Orange.  The nuanced flavors of raspberry and grapefruit hit you at just the right moments.  Just when I think my palate is becoming muted by the beer, I get a splash of raspberry intermingled with grapefruity goodness.  This beer makes me long for warm weather, a hammock, and a good book.

As mentioned in my review of the Rolling Meadows Brewery Tour, the R.M.B. Blood Orange was one of the very first beers home brewed by the RMB family.  It has now become a seasonal staple and understandably so.  Last year my favorite beer emporium sold out within a week of it’s first delivery of this beer.  Be thee fairly warned to purchase a couple of bottles when you see it, as it may not be there next time you look.



  1.  This is why the beer is not pictured in a Rolling Meadows glass, as I didn’t have a Rolling Meadows glass at the time. 

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