Stone Matt’s Burning Rosids

Matt’s Burning Rosids 10.5% ABVStone Matt's Burning Rosids
Imperial Cherrywood-Smoked Saison
Stone Brewing Co.

The nose makes it clear that you are about to drink a saison, with hints of cherry.  The flavor follows from the nose.  This is not a sour saison, it is light and crisp, with a gentle bite.  A wonderful smoked cherry flavor comes through in the finish.  This beer is incredibly easy to drink and light for such a high alcohol content.  Be fair warned, you could drink this quickly but you would be feeling a buzz in no time at all, if you did.

As per usual I went to the Stone website to do some shallow research.  I was not expecting to be emotionally impacted when I clicked on the Matt’s Burning Rosids webpage.  Stone has a moving video in which an interview with Matt, himself, bookends the Stone Brew Crew reading out the tribute that is printed on the back of the Matt’s Burning Rosids beer bottle.

Not only does the video tug at your heartstrings, it makes clear the impact Matt had on the fellow human beings he came into contact with.  You also get to see Matt’s infectious smile and the obvious passion he had for brewing, in the brief words he shares in the piece.  The video helped remind me of all the loved ones I have lost and to celebrate the wonderful memories I have of them.

It especially reminded me of Ruben Garza Jr., a departed friend who battled cancer for over a decade.  Ruben was one of the most interesting, kind and funny people I have ever known, and I barely knew him.  He touched everyone he met, and I can’t leave out that he had an exuberant passion for music.  He used to say that he lived life “with the volume turned up loud.”

I miss knowing that he is around, especially for my good friends who were much closer to him.  But like Stone Brewing, instead of dwelling on the loss, I like to remember the fun times and the laughter.

One random memory that I have took place during football season.  Ruben and a couple other guys were coming over to our (Kraft and I) apartment to watch some of the games.  Someone, I’m pretty sure it was Ruben,  had the great idea of making Irish coffee.  So we made some coffee and a bottle of Jameson was used.  We all had a mug’s worth or two.  I couldn’t tell you who was playing or what happened in the games, I think it was college football, but it didn’t matter.  What was important is that we were all sitting around, talking, laughing, laughing hard and enjoying life.  I don’t know why this odd memory comes to mind when I think of Ruben, but it brings a smile to my face and I know that’s what he wanted.

So I raise my glass, to Matt and his recipe that I’m drinking, and also to Ruben for all the great times shared full of laughter.  It’s good to be alive, to be drinking a great beer and it’s always great to be reminded to cherish the precious life we have and the precious gift of friends and family.


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