Tyranena Carnal Knowledge In the Wood

Carnal Knowledge In the Wood 9% ABVTyranena Carnal Knowledge In the Wood
American Imperial / Double Stout
Tyranena Brewing Co.

A week of sloth endured after a few weeks of diligent work.  This post was meant to be published back on Friday.  I was prepared to spend Thursday evening working on and finalizing it.  Instead, I was tempted and could not resist meeting up with a coworker at the Schlafly Tap Takeover of the Springfield, Il, Craft Beer Bar.

They had Schlafly Tasmanian IPA, which I had been craving for a few weeks, and I got to try out the Schlafly Irish-Style Extra Stout.  Best of all I got to meet the famous Schlafly employee, Steven.  The very same who is pictured on the Schlafly Tap Room homepage.Schlafly Tap Room Homepage  Yes, it does appear he was wearing the same kilt.Steven at Schlafly Tap Takeover of Craft Beer Bar

When I sat down on Friday to get the review done, my internet was down.  Such is life.  Thankfully Kraft helped me out and wrote up a nice piece on Lagunitas IPA.

Enough of my occasionally interesting social life and intermittent internet connectivity issues, on to the review of the delicious Carnal Knowledge In the Wood.

Tyranena has a “BREWERS GONE WILD!” series, in which they make “Big, Bold, Ballsy Beers.”  Carnal Knowledge In the Wood is part of this series and after tasting it, I’m looking forward to trying out others in the series.

The beer has a dark black appearance with a light brown head that dissipates quickly.  A subtle whiskey aroma is present in the nose.  It is nowhere near as potent or inviting as the nose of the Barrel-Aged Old Rasputin, but it is there.  While the nose is subtle, the rye whiskey flavor is fantastic and tasted immediately.  There is a nice sweet finish to the brew and while the beer is not too complex, it is damn delicious.  For a whiskey barrel aged beer it is easy to drink, with no need to spend an hour per bottle.  It’s so easy to drink in fact, relative to it’s style, I could see having two of these back to back in a sitting.

I highly recommend grabbing a 4 pack of this beer, if you see it.  I’m not sure how much longer it will be available and hope that they bring it back seasonally so we can enjoy it for many winters to come.  Before purchasing this beer, it was given high praise by a friend of mine.  I also noticed an associate order a bottle at the aforementioned Schlafly Tap Takeover, and he raved about how much he enjoyed it.  So when I say “This is a really great beer!” I am not alone in the sentiment.

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