Southern Tier Mokah

Mokah 10% ABVSouthern Tier Mokah
Imperial Blended Stout
Southern Tier

The doldrums of the cold has sunk it’s icicle fangs into my productive will.  I want to write, I need to write, I should write, I ought to write, I set aside time to write, the list of reasons for me to write grows unending with each passing moment, and yet I do not.  There is sleep, there is laundry, there is laying in bed staring at my powered off computer, there is laying in bed staring at my powered on computer, there is bejeweled, there is netflix, there are podcasts, there is pandora and the reading of Grantland.  There are oh so many things to keep me from writing for just a moment, that turns into 20 minutes, that turns into hours, that turns into days.

I rummage through my closet, which also acts as my “poor man’s cellar.”  I look and see which beer I can drink without guilt, because I doth protest to write up a review upon it.  No, not that one, that’s too good of a beer for tonight.  No not those, I want to share those with friends.  No not that one or that one, or that one.  I couldn’t bear to drink any of those without reviewing them.  Okay fine, I’ll go ahead and drink the Southern Tier Mokah.  I can always get one of those later.  Southern Tier is available in most states.  The Mokah is going to be in production for awhile, surely.  No one will know but me, that I’ve been storing it for 8 months.  No one will be the wiser, if I drink this one without reviewing it.

So I take the bottle out of my closet and move it into the freezer.  I plop back down on the couch to watch yet another basketball game this night.  I’m not even pretending to be productive anymore.  Not even pretending to read a book, outline who I need to get Christmas presents for (oh crap, I really need to start figuring out Christmas gifts), or work on the plethora of things that would make me productive.  Instead, I wash out my goblet glass, in a subterfuge against myself.  Well if the glass is washed then I can at least take a picture of it, on the off chance I’ll actually review it.

The basketball game enters the 4th quarter.  The beer has been in the freezer for almost an hour.  One of the nice things about a 10% ABV beer, is you don’t have to worry about it freezing.  I suppose if I left it in the freezer overnight it might, but an extra 30-45 minutes is just going to help things.  I digress.  It’s the 4th quarter and a burst of logos and images begin to shout at me from the TV.  I know they are supposedly nuanced but all I can glean is “Buy me!” and “Buy this!”.  I rush to my room after grabbing my Mokah from the freezer.  I pour myself a glass and go ahead and take a picture, a picture I assume will join the collection of pictures of beers I tricked myself into believing I would review.

I move back to the couch, setting the glass on the table, not before taking a small sip.  “Mmm, that is good.  Even better than the Choklat I had last Christmas.”, I think to myself.  The game is a back and forth affair, but I find myself more occupied by the beer.  I can’t help but take sip after sip.  Thoughts and remarks keep pouring into my consciousness to the point that I can’t focus on the game.  I open up my laptop and for the first time in a week,  I no longer feel the need, the desire, of the obligation to write.  I look down and I’m writing.  This beer provoked too much thought, I had to get it down.

The coffee flavor and how it balances the rich chocolate character of this beer.  The way in which the coffee is subtle, not the focus of the brew.  The front is chocolate with an almost imperceptible coffee hint, while halfway through the bottle the finish becomes all coffee with notes of cocoa nibs.

I write because I want to create something that other’s find worthwhile to read.  I write because it can be fun and rewarding.  I write because it can be hard, frustrating and seemingly pointless.  I write because I’m better when I do, and so much worse when I don’t.  I write just cause.  The best part about this blog is when a good beer makes it impossible not to write, especially when I haven’t been able to in days.

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