Lagunitas Night Time Ale

Night Time Ale 8.2% ABVLagunitas Night TIme Ale
Black IPA / Cascadian Dark Ale
Lagunitas Brewing Company

Dark cold night envelops the earth.  The day brought gentle snowflakes and now at night the temperature sits double digits below freezing.  It’s only November and it’s already too damn cold.  I open a bottle of Lagunitas Night Time Ale, the color of the brew mirrors the deep black I see outside my window.  Technically, Winter is still over a month away and yet I already yearn for Spring.

“There are two kinds.  There is the DayTime kind, which is bright and welcoming and then there is the NightTime kind, which should never be confused with the DayTime.  NightTime is dark and deep and and [sic] may take you to unexpected places, places that the DayTime can not.  But then the NightTime is not suited for ordinary life and ordinary tasks, in fact NightTime may be the answer for that sort of thing, meaning that those sorts of things may never get done,  Things take time in the NightTime, things slow down and you can pause (you have to actually) and investigate carefully to find that level of objective detachment that is only possible under the spell of the NightTime.  Seek the Day but fear not the NightTime…Call us sometime at 707.769.4495 or just come by and visit… Day or Night..!  Cheers!”

Fans of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” probably already know which youtube clip I had to embed below, after reading the words from the label of Lagunitas’s Night Time Ale.

The beer itself is not necessarily fantastic, but far from ordinary.  It’s a nice beer and well worth trying.  Especially given that you can get a 22oz bottle for $4.99.  While it is not my favorite of their bomber bottle series, it’s nice for a change of pace.  It’s hoppy but sitting at 65 IBUs isn’t overly hoppy, at least for Lagunitas standards.  If you have Netflix, it is the perfect beer to drink while watching the entire “Nightman” episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia” (Season 3, episode 9).



2 thoughts on “Lagunitas Night Time Ale

  1. And then, you can watch every episode of Breaking Bad now on Netflix and realize that, in the long run, brewing beer is better that cooking meth. But, in the short run, unless you open your own brewery, cooking meth with a chemistry teacher can make you a “ton” of money. My suggestion: Watch Breaking Bad on Netfilx and open your own brewery. It is certainly legal and will not involve violence and you will not have to pay Saul to keep you out of prison unless you want to hire the beer blogger’s dad and pay him $$$$$$$$$$$ to stay out of prison. Of course, the Beer Blogger’s dad will be glad to take your money to handle your case if you are arrested for possession with intent to distribute meth!!!!!


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