5 Halloween Beers

After a long wait Halloween is final upon us.  While all the kids will be walking the streets tonight hunting for candy, we adults can kick back and enjoy some hauntingly good beers.  The following are a few beers that I will be, or would like to be drinking this Halloween weekend.

Great Lakes Brewing Company Nosferatu Imperial Red Ale

This beer comes in 4 packs and will cost you around $10.  What better beer to enjoy tonight while watching the original Dracula movie staring Max Schreck.

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Cervecería Mexicana Dia De Los Muertos

Kraft, the other Co-founder of this beer blog, bought a Variety 12 Pack of these beers for around $16.  We drank the two Pay the Ferryman Porters when I visited him a couple of weeks ago.  it was a nice light porter.  The artwork alone is worth the purchase and these would be great beers to enjoy on Sunday, the end of Dia De Los Muertos.  Below is an review of the Dia De Los Muertos IPA which has been renamed to Hop or Die IPA.

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New Holland Ichabod

This beer has been touched on in it’s own review and also mentioned in the 6 Pumpkin Beers post.  I wish I had a 6 pack to share with friends tonight.  You can find this one for around $9 a 6 pack.

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Southern Tier Warlock

This is quite possibly my favorite Pumpkin beer.  In Illinois they sold out fast, but I was able to buy two, at $9.99 a bottle.  It comes in 22oz bomber bottles.  I drank the first one months ago when I purchased the two.  I have been saving the second one specifically for tonight.  While I was down in Texas I saw that they had plenty at most Spec’s locations.  I’m looking forward to cracking open this bottle and relishing in the full flavored pumpkin stout on this Halloween night.

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Alesmith Evil Dead Red

This beer comes in a bomber bottle and will cost you around $7.  The ABV on this beer is a spooky 6.66% ABV.  For more details click on BeerMetaldude’s review below.

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2 thoughts on “5 Halloween Beers

  1. And as Dracula said in the 1931 movie: “Listen to them, children of the night, what music they make” and when he offered Jonathan Harker wine who was at the Castle Dracula to get County Dracula to sign the Deed to Carfax Abby, Dracula said “This is very old wine” Harker replied: “Aren’t you going to have some Count?” Dracula said “I don’t drink wine!”
    If only Count Dracula was alive now he would have enjoyed each of the beers listed above. And, of course, the original Dracula movie was the silent film: Nosferatu which is on Netflix for those of you who are in the mood for a great vampire movie.


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