Saint Arnold Santo

St. Arnold Santo 4.9% ABVSt. Arnold Santo
Saint Arnold Brewing Company

I cracked open the bottle and poured my beer into a Texas Longhorns glass.  The Longhorns, the previous evening, had beaten Iowa State on a last second field goal.  I was very confused as the beer flowing out of the bottle and into the glass was black.  It was suppose to be a Kölsch, after all.  I double checked on my Untappd app, and it clearly showed the Santo as a Kölsch style beer. I took a sip and my confusion turned into hearty appreciation.

My friend and I had made a beer run to the grocery store during the halftime of the Giants v Cowboys game.  (All this Texas football talk is occurring because I drove down to Houston to be part of a surprise party for my dad’s 60th birthday. For an amusing read check out the comment my dad left on the Big Muddy Vanilla Stout review that I posted on his actual birthday.)  I wanted to grab a local brew, and in Houston it doesn’t get more local than St. Arnold’s.  We decided on a 6 pack of the Santo, as I saw that it was a Kölsch and we were looking for something light, crisp and refreshing to enjoy throughout the rest of the afternoon and evening of football viewing.

The Santo was quite the opposite of what I was anticipating from a Kölsch.  It is a full bodied beer with tremendous flavor.  It is smooth with hints of sweetness and a nice malty finish.  As we imbibed the Santos, watched the Cowboys win a thrilling game and then witnessed Peyton Manning throw his 509th career TD pass, a new NFL record, I kept saying to my friend, “This is a really good beer.”  I was thoroughly impressed.

The beer strongly reminds me of Shiner Bock.  It has a similar appearance and flavor profile.  Shiner Bock has long been one of my favorites, but I found the Santo to be even better.  Next time you are in the mood for Shiner Bock, give the Santo a try and I think you’ll find it to be the more flavorful and satisfying of the two.

5 thoughts on “Saint Arnold Santo

  1. And so, as I walked into Fuzzie’s Pizza on Bellaire and Stella Link on Saturday evening at 6:00 p.m. and was surprised by the surprise party that my wife had set up and found the Beer Blogger there some 900 miles drive from Springfield Illinois to attend my birthday party I was humbled because of the “scathing” response I left with the last review on his review of the Big Muddy Vanilla Stout. As those of you who read the comment now know I have “eaten crow” Additionally, you should know that the Beer Blogger did take his mother out for lunch today for her birthday. I will try a St. Arnold Santo as soon as possible.


    I still do not owe you, but you are my favorite son. But I still like Caleb and Owen too.

    Have a safe trip to Austin and say hello to Kraft and Chris for me.


  2. The Beer Blogger was correct about the close similarity to Shiner Bock. I had one at McCoy’s Cigars yesterday. It is close, but no cigar when it comes to the exquisite taste of Shiner Bock. But then, as all of you who read this blog know, I am a Texas man who enjoys Shiner Bock above all other beers.


  3. I can’t fault or argue with you for enjoying Shiner Bock above all other beers. I’m the nutty one who likes trying every different beer I can get my fingers on.


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