Central Waters Glacial Trail IPA

Glacial Trail IPA 5.5% ABVCentral Waters Glacial Trail IPA
American IPA
Central Waters Brewing Co.

I’m a fan of Central Waters Brewing Company.  I have yet to be disappointed by any of their beers; in most cases I’ve been thoroughly impressed.  When an associate offered me one of his Glacial Trail IPAs, I couldn’t help but accept.  I held onto it for a week.  The moment I received it, I knew I wanted to review it; in order to add to my growing collection of reviews of Central Waters brews.

I poured the beer into a glass out of the freezer, a “glacial” glass, if you will.  This beer is a bit darker than most IPAs, at least the ones I’ve had recently.  The very front has more of a malt taste and then the hoppy pine notes come in.  The beer is wonderfully well balanced, not overly bitter like many IPAs can be.

This beer is named after the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, which is a thousand-mile footpath – entirely within Wisconsin – that highlights the variety of unique landscape features that were left after a colossal glacier retreated  more than 12,000 years ago.

It’s a great autumn IPA.  Unlike many IPAs that have more citrus flavors that are ideal for summer, the pine notes of this beer would make it a great compliment to a campfire in the woods.  I bet it would be a nice beer to drink around a Christmas tree as well.  This would be a good IPA even for non-IPA fans.  The malt and pine flavors keep the beer interesting to the palate throughout the entire glass.

If Central Waters ever comes out with a variety 12 pack, they better include 2-3 of these.  Instead of waiting for that ideal variety pack to come out, next time you pick up a “mix and match 6 pack,” grab 2 Glacial Trails, 2 Satin Solitudes, and 2 Mudpuppy Porters.  You will be in for quite the treat with your self made Central Waters variety pack.


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