At Buckhart Tavern with a Budweiser

Budweiser 5% ABVBudweiser Bottle
American Light Lager

I had the day off from work yesterday.  I found myself driving along old country back roads, with the windows rolled down.  It was exceptionally sunny out, with the temperature hovering in the mid to high 70’s.  This was the first time I had ever seen large swaths of land being harvested by enormous John Deer machinery.  While I was driving slow to take in the sights and smells of the day, the local drivers who experience this year in and year out did not find my “smell the roses pace” amusing and more than a few angrily passed me on the two lane roads.

I came upon an intersection in a tiny town and saw a nondescript building.  I was curious as to what this building was and then I saw a distinct Budweiser sign jutting out from the front wall.  Now knowing that it was a bar, I figured “What the Hell, I could go for a brew.”

Buckhart Tavern Inside ViewI entered the all but empty building, to see walls filled with photos, signs and deer heads; with army outfits, steer skulls, assorted tools and weapons all hanging from the rafters.  I set my laptop down at the table nearest the door, which appeared to have the best chairs.  (I try to always keep my laptop on me so I’m prepared for adventurous like this.)  I proceeded to walk up to the bar as and older woman looked at me curiously, as if thinking “Who in tarnation is this fellow?”  She slowly got up from her seat and approached me from behind the bar.  I asked “What is your selection of bottled beers?”  She responded, “Well…it’s Budweiser day, so we have Bud, Bud Light and Busch.”  I ordered a Budweiser as I had recently finished reading “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and remembered a somewhat similar scene in which Raoul Duke had a Bud in a small town bar as he was in the middle of his search for the “American Dream.”

I can’t say I even know what the “American Dream” is anymore, but I’m pretty sure that Anheuser-Busch would like a Budweiser to be part of it.  Up to this point I felt as though I had walked through a time portal and had been placed back in the 1980’s.  This illusion disappeared as I immediately had to check my phone and log into Untappd.  I found out that I had never documented my drinking of a Budweiser on Untappd, until now; one more unique beer to add to my ever growing collection.  Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of Budweiser, but given the context of this bar and its limited selection, this Bud is the most enjoyable I’ve ever had.

The Buckhart Tavern is a less than ideal place to write given the lack of WiFi, coffee and accessible outlets.  Considering those deterrents, it is a nice quiet place with no sense whatsoever of rush or hurry.  I will not be returning to this bar for it’s plethora of beer options, but if I find myself driving around aimlessly again, I may have to stop by to soak up some small town sense of peace and do some reading and writing again.

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