Saint Arnold Oktoberfest

wpid-aviary_1409710828168.jpgSaint Arnold Oktoberfest 6.0% ABV
Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Saint Arnold’s bills itself as the oldest craft brewery in Texas, shipping their first keg in 1994 and is a mainstay in any worthwhile beer market in Texas (and Louisiana and Florida!). Their Lawnmower brew is one that I’ve seen most often in bottles in the Austin market.

Tonight, though, their Oktoberfest is on tap at La Casa de Kraft.

The beautiful red color in the glass is instantly inviting, much like, well, a 16-day funfair of German beer drinking. Like Fischer mentioned in the Central Waters review, Oktoberfest beers are in two camps: 1) honest, true-blue Oktoberfest Beers. These are beers that follow the Reinheitsgebot and are brewed within the city of Munich. If you’re not one of the six brews, you fall into the other camp 2) other Märzen-style beers. While many Oktoberfests are lighter than in days past, turning into a golden beer, the red color of this brew reminds me of autumn, leaves, and sitting in a pub near a fire. I mean all this in a good way despite that it was over 100°F today and leaves won’t change color here until December.

While summer is still here for awhile in Texas, this is a great beer to trick yourself, if even for a moment, that that there is another season in Texas besides summer and a couple of days in January.

Saint Arnold’s Oktoberfest has a wonderful light, malty aroma with a smooth mouthfeel. On the front, it had a nice sweetness that ended dry, as an Oktoberfest should. Well balanced and tasty for an American Octoberfest.

If you’re having a Oktoberfest celebration or, well, simply having a beer in the next month or so, and you can find a Saint Arnold’s Oktoberfest, pick up a few and enjoy. As someone of German heritage that doesn’t have any real connection to it, Oktoberfest is a great time of year for me to pretend I have cultural connections to the motherland.

4 thoughts on “Saint Arnold Oktoberfest

  1. Brandon and Brandon,

    Kraft is correct. I had a Saint Arnold Octoberfest at McCoys last week and it was great. Not a good as Shiner Bock, the National Beer of Texas, but it was tasty.

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