Central Waters Octoberfest Lager

Central Waters Octoberfest Lager 4.8% ABV Central Waters Octoberfest Lager
Central Waters Brewing Co.

This is one of the better, if not best, American made “Oktoberfest” style beers I’ve had.  While it’s nowhere near as good as authentic “Oktoberfest” brews,  if you see this beer on tap at a restaurant or a bar, it’s your best bet for a nice malty and tasty version of this style beer.  This is of course assuming they don’t have Spaten Oktoberfest or Paulaner Oktobefest on draught.

With so many “Oktoberfest” style beers being produced these days, it isn’t always easy to find a well made one.  Every brewery is keen on jumping into this profitable seasonal beer market, while not necessarily putting effort into brewing a good one.  Central Waters continues to impress.  I have reviewed a couple of their beers and this one reinforces the fact that no matter the style they put out solid great tasting beers.

Oktoberfest holds a special place in my heart, as it is what started this whole site.  I researched and wrote up a brief history of Oktoberfest and some of the guidelines on which beers can be served at Oktobefest in Munich.  My co-founder, Brandon Kraft, bought the domain 365brew.com back in late September of 2012, four days before Oktobefest started in Munich that year.  He nudged me, on more than a few occasions, “You drink beer, you should write about the beers you drink.”  I liked the idea but was too lazy or distracted to actually take him up on it.  Around late June or July of 2013, I had spare time and more importantly the motivation to finally take him up on his offer.

I had the crazy idea to launch this site during Oktoberfest.  What better way to celebrate beer than to post a review during each day of the Munich Oktoberfest?  16 beer reviews in 16 days.  It couldn’t be that hard could it?  I had friends telling me that I was being a little too idealistic, that I didn’t realize how much work it was going to be.  They were completely right, but thankfully in my zeal I didn’t listen to their advice.  I went ahead with my crazy plan.  It was incredibly taxing, but after it was over I had a nice foundation of archives and began to press on with my idea of two posts a week.  There were set backs and weeks with only a single post or no posts at all.  But I found my footing and over the past 6 months have been good about, with the help of my co-founder, of posting on average twice a week.

After making the trip out to San Diego last month for Beer Blogger Conference 2014, and meeting the wonderful community of beer bloggers, we have gained even more inspiration and drive to continue on with our wacky endeavor.  We hope to bring you more weekly posts and some new takes on content as we press on.  We also hope that you continue to enjoy our journey as much as we do.

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