New Holland Ichabod

New Holland Ichabod 5.2% ABVNew Holland Ichabod
Pumpkin Ale
New Holland Brewing

Atop a horse with glowing red eyes, sits a man, a headless man.  In his hand he holds a jack-o’-lantern with a devilish grin.  This is a most stunning and frightening sight to behold, indeed.

Ichabod, a name dating back to Old Testament times, meaning “the glory has departed” or “No, son of Glory,” is present in cursive lettering as if a man began his signature, but failed to finish it.

A pumpkin ale, that’s label makes use of the “Legend of Sleepy Hollow” melding an image of the story’s most fantastical character with the first name of the protagonist.

What exactly is this beer label representing?  Is it a snapshot of Ichabod’s last vision before he perished?  Is it merely the nightmare vision that haunted Ichabod for the remainder of his living days?

While I am full of questions and short on answers, I must give credit to the label designer of this beer for prompting such intriguing queries.  More importantly, I’m glad I’m neither Ichabod nor the Headless Horseman.  For the two of them don’t get to enjoy this deliciously well balanced New Holland pumpkin ale.  Unlike other pumpkin ales I’ve had, this one is much more a solid beer with hints of pumpkin and nutmeg flavor in the finish.  It is not overly sweet or rich, making it easy to have more than one in a sitting.  I, for instance, found myself on three separate evenings finish one bottle and immediately grab a second.  It was a very pleasing way to go through a 6 pack.  So pleasing, in fact, I may have to purchase another 6 pack.

For those of you out there looking for a pumpkin punch to your palate, I’d recommend the Schlafly Pumpkin Ale, which is wonderful.  For those who are looking for more of a nuanced hint of pumpkin, the New Holland Ichabod is the beer for you.

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