Two Brothers Dog Days

Dog Days 5.1% ABVDog Days
Dortmunder / Export Lager
Two Brothers Brewing Co.

As July quickly faded into August, I decided to look for a summer beer that I hadn’t tried out.  While I have heard the new Coors Summer Brew is selling quite well, I can’t bring myself to risk a beer that is associated with the horrid Coors Light brand (A review that I have not yet written due to the scathing nature of the abuse that would pour forth from my finger tips).  I stumbled upon two remaining 6 packs of Two Brothers, aptly named summer seasonal, Dog Days.  Having had such a lovely experience with their Sidekick, I took a plunge and purchased the penultimate 6 pack of cans.  This would be a great beer to enjoy on a sunny afternoon while playing croquet.  Or so I thought.

Unfortunately this beer didn’t at all live up to the expectations the Sidekick had impressed upon my palate.  Dog Days isn’t a bad beer, but I will not be purchasing it again.  I can’t even blame the style of beer as the problem.  I have had another Dortmunder lager, the Baltkia 7, and rather enjoyed it.  There is something off with this beer, if I had to guess I would say it’s the caramel malt.  It seems to give too thick of a flavor character to the beer, and is definitely not what I’m looking for in a summer brew.

This beer would work best as a finishing beer.  A beer that you have towards the end of a get together when you’ve already had a few good beers, and the supply of those is running low to empty.  I would graciously accept and consume a Dog Days if handed one at a summer party, but I wouldn’t ask for a second one.

I’m very glad I tried the Two Brothers Sidekick first as that brew makes me inclined to try out some other Two Brothers offerings.  If I had tried the Dog Days first I would be extremely hesitant to give Two Brothers another chance.


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