Two Brothers Sidekick

Two Brothers Sidekick  5.1% ABVTwo Brothers Sidekick
Extra Pale Ale / American Pale Ale
Two Brothers Brewing Co.

After consulting a website and a book I own, both of which state which glass type should be used with different beer styles, I decided to just pour this pale ale into a traditional American bar glass.  It has been awhile since I’ve used this standard glass, and I was too lazy to wash one of the specialty glasses I have.  Unlike usual, I actually did a decent job pouring this beer into the glass.

I was expecting a much hoppier beer.  Any time I see the word “pale” associated with a beer these days I assume the brewery is going to stuff as many hops as possible into the brew.  I was delightfully proved wrong in my assumption this time.  There is a nice citrus aroma and a slight hop flavor to the brew, but it is much more mellow than hoppy.  The slight citrus hop flavor gives the finish a nice panache.  This is a really nice smooth mellow beer, a solid pale ale.

The Sidekick  is only sold in 6 packs of cans.  Which is a disappointment to my brother who is collecting beer bottle caps, needless to say I’m more than helping out his cause even without this brew adding to the collection.  This beer is ideal for trips on or near the water as you don’t have to worry about glass breakage or the fact that some of those spots won’t allow glass containers at all.  Its middle of the road alcohol content and easy drink-ability make it perfect for outdoor activities.  In fact, I may have to pick up a 6 pack to drink for next week’s croquet night.  It provides more flavor than a Bud Light or Miller Lite yet has similar light and crisp qualities.  While this beer is available year round it really makes for a great summer beverage.

Two Brothers Brewing Company, as you would guess, was started by brothers Jim and Jason Ebel.  The brewery is located in Warrenville, Il.  They started back in 1992 as a homebrew and wine making retail store and decided that they wanted to get into the microbrew business.  They put together a business plan and set off on their path to brewing in 1996, selling their first keg in 1997.  The brewery started 100% family owned, still is currently and they plan on keeping that way.

One thought on “Two Brothers Sidekick

  1. Happy Father’s Day to your brother, James. As croquet is his game of choice I would suggest that you buy him a Shiner (the “True” national beer of Texas) for Father’s Day to enjoy with his numerous presents that he will receive from his children (Owen and Caleb)!!!!!!!!.


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