Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen

Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen 5% ABV Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen

Hefeweizen Week – Post I

In case you are unable to make out the writing on the label from my shoddy picture, I’ll state it here:

Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen Naturtrüb
Premium – Weizenbier
Premium Cloudy
Wheat Beer
Brewed and bottled in Germany

For those few readers who have read all the comments to all of my posts, or more specifically my response to a reader’s comment on my Shiner Bock post, you know I’m not a fan of Hefeweizens, in fact I despise all but one of the Hefeweizen’s I’ve tried.  So why may you ask are you reviewing an authentic Germany Hefeweizen.  Well an associate of mine, who rather enjoys Hefeweizens, was fed up with my disdain for this style of beer and gave me one from a 6 pack of he purchased.  I’m never one to turn down a free brew, even if I don’t think I’ll enjoy it.  Another motto of mine is I’ll review any beer that is given me free of charge, so here we are.

The nose of the beer is that of a typical Hefeweizen, there is a citrusy aroma that makes it plain that this beer has a wheat foundation.  Just as the label says it is a very cloudy beer which even when held to the light is impossible to peer through.  Though I hold very low expectations here goes my first taste…I’m pleasantly surprised that I’m not appalled at the horrid taste.  In fact I’m not even disgusted.  It’s very light and I amazingly find myself anxious to take another sip.  I slush the beer around in my mouth, letting the fullness of the brew wash over my palate.  While I’m not in rapt ecstasy over the taste, I am finding redeeming qualities in the beer.  It is good while not great.  I could see myself actually enjoying one of these on a hot summer day, after being outside in the sun possibly playing croquet. I’m finding this beverage refreshing and I have to admit even tasty.  It goes down very smoothly and though it’s not complex, it is more interesting than say a Bud Light.  I’m still not sure I’d buy a 6 pack of these under my own sane auspices; I will no longer state that I dislike all Hefeweizens.  As with most beer styles a well made authentic beer I can respect and even like.  This is a far cry from the American made counterfeits that I have previously imbibed.  Damn you, unnamed associate, you have vanquished your foe, the harsh critic of all wheat based beers.  Now I have yet another beer style to wade through in the ever growing swamp that is the plethora of beers that await my palate.

2 lessons to be learned

1)      If you want to change my mind about a beer, pick out a great one and give it to me gratis

2)      Never say never when it comes to one’s palate.  Though the penalty can be harsh for trying out a new brew, the reward is well worth the risk, when you find a solid beer.


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