Sierra Nevada Estate Homegrown Ale

Sierra Nevada Estate 6.7% ABVSierra Nevada Estate Homegrown Ale
American IPA
Sierra Nevada

As I pour the beer into the specialty IPA glass, the level rises and then I can see the foamy head begin to emerge as a state of froth takes place beneath the liquid level which then creates a multilevel coloration as the different states of liquid, gas and the intermediaries consolidate themselves.  I stick my nose into the glass and deeply inhale the scents of spring, of life renewed, of flowers, grass, plants of all types, bursting forth from the formerly dead desolate cold earth.  Sometimes in life it’s best to enjoy the small simple pleasures.  It doesn’t get much smaller or simpler than enjoying the look of your beer as you pour it into a glass.

This beer, as you probably gathered from above, has a very pleasing nose full of “layered spicy aromas.”  The bouquet is floral in nature, beckoning you to take a sip.  I take my initial taste and am surprised at the smooth flavor and hint of sweetness in the finish.  This Estate Ale is far superior to the DevESTATEtion Ale that I reviewed a couple of months back.  It is not intensely bitter, but complex and tasty.  It was also much easier to open this bottle as I have had a bit of practice now at getting through the wax seal to pop open the cap.  I am drinking the 2011 Estate Homegrown Ale and have stumbled upon some disappointing news in my research.  According to the Estate Ale is retired.  In disbelief, as I am thoroughly enjoying this beer, I checked another source to verify this fact.  “No longer in production” is how puts it.  What a bummer.  I have the unfortunate habit of picking up beers that are no longer being brewed (ie. Souther Tier Gemini and Southern Tier Backburner).  I suppose I am at least able to taste, review, and enjoy them before they disappear.

You may have noticed in the picture the large head on this beer.  The reasoning for that is due to the specifically designed IPA glass that I’m using.  It allows for the thick head to form which amplifies the expression of the hop aromas.  I also think it enhances the flavor of the brew.  This is a really good beer.  I have been pleasantly surprised by another IPA.  This is an ideal beer to consume on a sunny crisp spring day.  If you are lucky enough to stumble upon a 2011 Estate Ale grab all that you can find, especially if you are an IPA fan.

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