Seven Brides Franken Lou’s

Franken Lou’s 7.0% ABVFranken Lou's
Seven Brides Brewing

With a reticent hand and a tongue braced for unpleasant impact, I bring the glass to my lips and allow some of contents to slide into my mouth.  As expected my taste buds were hit immediately with a brutal hoppy bitterness.  Then the unexpected took place.  This IPA flowed into a smooth and balanced body with a clean finish.  The bitter front of the beer dissipates with subsequent sips and doesn’t linger like poorly made IPAs.  For those who enjoy the more intense hop flavor I recommend a palate cleanser in-between sips of this brew.  For those who aren’t gluttons for hop punishment, drink this beer without any accompanying food.

After making my way half way through the glass, I’ve come to a realization.  I still enjoy drinking an IPA.  It just has to be a well made IPA, and this is one of the best IPAs I’ve ever had.  The balance is impressive, which is necessary given that the use 3 times as many hops in the brewing of this beer as they use in any of their other beers.  Seven Brides has renewed my faith in the IPA.

Seven Brides, I found out via a phone call to their headquarters, was founded in 2008.  The name Seven Brides comes from the fact that three of the five founders had seven daughters between them.  With the always rising costs of weddings these eventual father’s of the bride needed to figure out someway to pay for the assumed weddings to come.  Thus Seven Brides was born, out of a desire to sell enough beer to offset the costs of the weddings therefore preventing parental penury.  Each of the daughters has a brew named after them.  Seven Brides prides itself in using local ingredients coming from Oregon or Washington and also being environmentally friendly.  They recycle their cooling water and also give their spent grains to local farmers to feed their livestock.  They epitomize the best of a stereotypical local Oregon microbrew.

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