Southern Tier Warlock

Warlock 8.6% ABVWarlock
Imperial Stout
Southern Tier

The label states a goblet is the preferred glass to consume this beer from, for the optimal aroma experience.  As I didn’t have a goblet, I went with a wine glass instead.  This beer has an exceptional, as advertised, “spicy pumpkin pie aroma”. I’m already enjoying this brew and I haven’t even had a sip yet.  Let’s see if the taste is comparable to the scent.  As I take my first draught I am thoroughly surprised.  It’s very light for an Imperial stout.  There is an initial smooth taste with hints of the spices and then a slight acrid aftertaste overcomes the palate.  There is more pumpkin in the smelling than there is in the drinking.  I start to come around on the taste with the third sip and with the fourth, my taste buds alight finally able to latch onto the ever so slight pumpkin flavor.  This is a complex brew and it is growing on me with every drink I take.  If it wasn’t clearly stated on the label, I’d have trouble believing it has such a high ABV.

This beer is worth drinking like a fine glass of wine.  Hold the glass right up under your nostrils and deeply inhale so as to receive the fullness of the spicy pumpkin bouquet.  Then take a nice sip, about half a mouth full, and swirl it around with your tongue, so your taste buds can bask in the complex delight.  The swirling action will cause the moderate carbonation to fizz inside your mouth which adds to the sensation of the brew on your tongue and against your inner cheeks, as well as adding a dimension to the flavor.  After you have appreciated these multiple sensations, swallow down the elixir.  You will want to then take a deep breath through your mouth, which will allow oxygen to mix with the liquid remnants that cling to your tongue, to create a marvelous aftertaste.

Damn, this is a good beer.  While this is nowhere near as good as a Chimay Red or Blue, it is by far the best American beer I’ve had the pleasure to review. Having not even finished my first glass, I continued to be impressed. This is a beer that makes me glad I embarked upon this beer review endeavor. I would have never tried it otherwise. It’s a bit pricey at $9.99 for a 22oz bottle, but it’s well worth every penny.

This is a beer that helps you forget about the passage of time.  You are able to live in a moment that lasts for as long as you drink it.  It transports you away from your worries and cares, and allows you to focus on your existence in the fleeting present.  Every part of this beer works in your favor and enriches the enjoyment of all of ones senses.  From the dark rich hue, to the spicy pumpkin aroma, onto the feel and sound of the fizz as you swirl it around inside your mouth, the complex tastes that change with every step of the imbibing process, finally ending with the contented state of body and mind that the alcohol provides.  I do love a good beer, and this my friends, dare I say, is a great one.

3 thoughts on “Southern Tier Warlock

  1. You have a gift for finding good beers, or at least making them sound good in your review. Do you have a particular method to pick which beers you try/review, a bit of luck, or some of both?


    • It’s a bit of both. If I keep hearing good things about a particular brewery, I’m more inclined to try out their product. I see what’s selling quickly and I’ll ask for recommendations. Sometimes I just grab a beer that’s on sale and hope for the best.


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