Lakefront 25th Anniversary Imperial Stout

Lakefront 25th anniversary Imperial Stout 10% ABVLakefront 25th Anniversary Imperial Stout
Imperial Stout
Lakefront Brewery

I poured this one into a frosty freezer kept Scooby-Doo glass.  The Scooby gang looks great against the dark black background this stout provides.  Upon the first sip the brew has a slight initial bitter taste which is quickly followed up by a mellow chocolate flavor.  After some more sips, the chocolate takes over and you are left with only a lingering bitter aftertaste.  This is the richest and best tasting 10% ABV beer I’ve ever had.  I haven’t had many, but considering how bad the 9.5% ABV brew was that I reviewed, I wasn’t expecting such a pleasant beer.  This beer in no possible way could be considered light.  It is incredibly filling, which is good considering the high alcohol content.  It is very much like drinking a meal.  It is a very dark beer that looks as much like chocolate as it tastes.  This is definitely a beer worth spending some time with.

I couldn’t put my finger or taste buds on one of the flavors.  I pulled up the brewery description and saw that they use cherry puree in the brewing process, and it made sense.  The aftertaste especially, has a hint of chocolate covered cherry to it.  I generally don’t recommend sweets of any kind with a beer, but this one is greatly enhanced with a slice of chocolate cake.  On the website, they recommend drinking it with chocolate cheesecake or even pieces of dark chocolate.  I didn’t think this beer could get more impressive but the pairing with chocolate eases the slight bitterness of the after taste and makes for an even more rewarding drinking experience.  Don’t get me wrong though, the beer is great on it’s own.

I’m truly shocked at how much I’m enjoying this stout.  I had three different people recommend it to me and to be honest I was still reluctant to purchase it.  I am very glad I heeded their advice.  This is a brew I’ve looked forward to enjoying on four different evenings.  They come in 4 packs and I recommend against having more than one in a sitting.  They are way too filling to knock back more than one and the higher alcohol content would knock you on your ass if you had 2 or more.  High praise is in order for Lakefront.  This brew is most worthy of being part of their 25th anniversary series.

For a brief history of Lakefront’s start and their founding 25 years ago check out my review of the Lakefront IPA.

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